Pelosi’s Latest $3 Trillion Stimulus Plan Is Unlawful — Supreme Court Decision 10 Days Ago Makes It A Felony To Give Free Cash To Illegal Aliens

(Gateway Pundit) – The Supreme Court unanimously upheld a federal law struck down by an appeals court that forbids encouraging illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. unlawfully in a decision Thursday.

The Supreme Court ruled on the law on May 7, 2020, ten days ago.

That ruling was just 10 Days ago!

But that didn’t stop Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats from passing a $3 trillion spending bill that gives illegal aliens in American $1,200 stimulus check!

The bill passed 208 to 199.

207 Democrats voted for the bill.

It’s a felony, Nancy.

It looks like Nancy Pelosi and 207 of her closest friends just broke the law.

Flashback: US Supreme Court Rules with President Trump – Reinstates Law Making It a Felony to Encourage or Help People to Come or Stay in US Illegally

The decision was unanimous, 9:0.

According to who republished the Epoch Times piece:

The Supreme Court unanimously resurrected a federal law struck down by an appeals court that made it a felony to encourage people to come to or stay illegally in the United States.

The May 7 ruling was a dramatic victory for the Trump administration, which had urged the high court to reverse a 2018 ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. President Donald Trump, who has made immigration his signature issue, also favors reducing both illegal and legal immigration, along with cracking down on illegal aliens.

The problem, according to the Supreme Court, was that the lower court selected activist groups to dominate arguments against the law and then accepted their reasons for why it should be invalidated, even though the defendant herself did not raise those same concerns in her defense.

President Trump praised the news also noting that 182 miles of border wall has now been built on the Southern border.

President Trump tweeted Tuesday night:

(Note what is concerning about this case is that the 9th District accepted the arguments from liberal activist groups even though the defendant did not make the same arguments. Is this the strategy Obama lackeys are hoping to attain in the General Micheal Flynn case? Is Judge Sullivan accepting bogus arguments from liberal groups so he can sentence General Flynn in a case the DOJ now says should never have been brought forth? We shall see.)

It’s time to use the law and start arresting individuals and punish entities, including states, counties, cities and localities, for enabling illegal immigration to go unchecked in the US today.


  1. The cracked face mafia thug Nancy Antoinette, never comprehended the US Constitution, too busy reading the Communist Manifesto. Like all Democrats, pick and choose laws they want enforce. She claims that ‘ILLEGALS are more American than American citizens.’ The American citizens she must be talking about is her mafia cohorts.

  2. Keep letting Pelousy get away with this shit and she’ll keep it up. Fine this liberal pig. If she wants these illegals to have money let them have her money!! She has plenty. Taking taxpayers money and giving it to illegals… oh hell no!!

  3. Bob, picture this… You and Melania Trump are having a conversation but you haven’t a clue as to what an intelligent conversation is so you stand there like a buffoon and piss yourself in the process.

  4. Yeah I’ll bet Melania has more of an IQ then you and your dumpacrapanywhere Queen pig pee;ousy and any of the other dumpacrapanywhere party combined. It’s illegal to give these illegals American tax payer dollars. just like her stupid nephew poopsome newsome who closed down homes for Veterans and gave the American tax dollars to the god dam ILLEGALS

  5. exactly, very few Americans need the relief payments, I haven’t received a stimulus check, and I really could use it

  6. Ole Nancy came to congress with a little now she is estimated net worth of over 120 million ehat she did to Samoan Americans is a disgrace but keeping their wages low at a company known as star kist where guess who owns close to 20 percent off company you guessed it ole Nancy by keeping workers wages low the company made bigger profits which the witch padded her bank account the worker were asking for 15 an hour but when Nancy got fone all they ended up with was a little over 9 dollars an hour yep she is a piece of work greed it’s time to remove all democrats trash she is past her expiration date

  7. How is it that no one can send Pelosi to court and jail for her various acts of blatant defiance of the laws and Constitution of the United States???? If you don’t like the laws of the United States of America… then go to the country that most fits your agendas…trust that no law abiding citizen will miss you!!!!!

  8. With all this ppl wake up here we should be uniting instead of all this hate she wonders about the 3 trillion dollars how is that going last ppl lost there business job family she is a
    Disgrace to the country not once had said said I’m sorry and know the country is not even open she’s going after trump again get her out

  9. That’s a no brainer! Appropriated funds… Hello!!! That makes the California governor felon as well as the previous administration for flying plane loads of cash into IRAN.

  10. Why isn’t Senile Nancy Pelosi in Federal Prison for Sedition and Treason yet? And, the ONLY BRAIN DEAD individual is a Left Wing Liberal like YOU, BOB. You are suffering from TDS, and a SEVERE case of the TERMINAL Stupids which is ALWAYS PERMANENT. And, no, POTUS TRUMP is a TRUE Red, White and Blue Patriot, and if you would PULL your head out of your WAZOO and do your HOMEWORK (for ONCE), you’d find he is fighting for you, whether you loved him or HATED him – the mark of a TRUE leader. One Enlightened and DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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  12. The senile, brain-dead witch is living in another dimension. The old series, The Twilight Zone, would have made her the queen of every episode … she is so stupidly incompetent.

    • She’s just a very old corrupt politician from Commiefornia. Obviously it takes several decades for this type of progressive liberal trash to reach this level of corruption, but I’ll blame it on the voters who continue to support this progressive liberal trash !

    • Yeah, Melania Trump is senile and brain dead, isn’t she? You’d have to be to marry a man as corrupt and incompetent as our Russian traitor-in-chief Don The Con Trump.


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