Pelosi’s Holy Imam Compared Jews To Nazis And Homosexuality To Bestiality

More on Pelosi’s holy imam

(Gateway Pundit) – On Thursday Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave opening prayer duties to Imam Omar Suleiman.

Anti-Semitic radical Linda Sarsour praised Pelosi for the choice.

Imam Omar Suleiman is an anti-Semite who compared Israel to Nazis and refers to Israelis as terrorists. Suleiman also supports the Muslim Brotherhood terror group and called for the Palestinian antifada or attacks on Jews.

Via Rep. Lee Zeldin:

Algemeiner reported on Imam Suleiman in July 2017 and his prayers for a 3rd intifada to kill Jews.

And the popular Islamic imam also compared gays to bestiality and incest.

Via Blitz and Religion of Peace:

On social issues, Suleiman’s conservative religious views stand in sharp contrast to the progressive ideas championed by most members of the House Democratic Caucus. The Middle East Forum put together several examples in a 2017 video. Two indicate a sexist attitude.

Warning girls about the dangers of promiscuity, Suleiman compared Allah to an over-protective father.

“And Allah doesn’t just own 20 guns. Allah owns hellfire,” he said. “So you’d better be careful. You’re overstepping your bounds. Sisters … you know what happens with a really jealous Dad? He kills you and he kills the guy. So you are offending Allah … whenever you make yourself promiscuous or whenever you open yourself up to a relationship.”

In addition, boys and girls cannot be friends because of ever-present sexual temptation.

“See all the guys know it. You guys know this. Right? You can make this up and you can try to fool yourself or fool someone else. But girls, trust me. We’re men. We’re not going to lie to you. Guys and girls cannot be friends, unless you guys have been neutered … you cannot be friends.”

Suleiman compared gays and lesbians to people who engage in incest and bestiality. They deserve to be treated well even though they engage in “an act of sexual deviance,” he said.


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