Pelosi: “Vote-By-Mail Is More Democratic” Than Voting In Person With Photo ID (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – It is obvious the Democrats are using the Coronavirus as an excuse to push for mail-in ballots rather than in-person voting in an effort to steal the 2020 election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has repeatedly tried to sneak in federal ballot harvesting laws into several of the Coronavirus stimulus bills.

Pelosi is now trying to shove a $3.6 billion ‘vote-by-mail’ proposal into the latest Coronavirus stimulus bill.

“First of all, we’re now calling it ‘Voting at Home’ because that’s really what it’s all about, enabling people to vote at home,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. “And in the legislation we have additional funds, $3.6 billion, which is what is necessary for us to conduct an election.”

Pelosi said that voting by mail, with no chain of custody, is “more democratic” than voting in person with photo ID.

This isn’t about keeping people ‘safe’ during a pandemic. This is about stealing the 2020 election with voter fraud.


The state of Michigan announced it is mailing absentee ballot applications to all 7.7 million registered voters.

President Trump threatened to withhold funding to Michigan if they “want to go down this Voter Fraud path!”


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  2. Dear Bob, you are so wrong. The fairest, most accurate vote is done in person by each registered voter who shows a valid ID and signs the voting register. That crap about making one get an ID and that it is such a hardship on folks is pure BS. Every American knows you have to have ID to do many, many things and voting should be no different. Also, once you take the voting out of a controlled environment, you open up so many ways to commit fraud. Mail-in votes cannot easily be authenticated.

  3. If either party is fighting so hard for something especially when this has nothing to do with helping people who have lost their jobs during a shutdown of the Country there is something wrong with. Here is a scenario that may tell you why they want it so bad. I had convenience checks stolen out of my mailbox 3 times and they wrote over $8,000 in checks to themselves. We had the person’s name and bank he cashed them at. Filed a police report and turned them into to USPS because allegedly it is a Federal crime to tamper with a mailbox. It has been 2 years and have heard nothing from police or USPS. I called USPS and supervisor at my post office asked me why I was calling her because she didn’t steal checks out of my mailbox!!!! My point is campaign operatives know when mail in ballots are mailed out and they are able to steal them out of mailboxes, fill them out and drive up in cars with ballots loaded in their trunk of their cars. This is what is going on in CA with mail in ballots. And even if they are caught getting into mailboxes nothing happens to them. USPS does nothing and neither do the police. Oh I take that back…..police department when I filed the report told me to get a locking mailbox. In most States you can file an application to receive a mail in ballot. The form has to be signed by you and in our State we have to list our Driver’s License number. Then you get your ballot and you sign that as well which is matched up with your signature on the application when your ballot comes in. With automatic mail in ballots there is not signed application therefore no one can signature when filled out ballot comes in to election office. That is why Democrats want mail in ballots so badly. There will be nothing but fraud.

  4. Here we go again with the wild republicunt conspiracy theories. There is no “voter fraud”, only voter suppression from the republikkkans. They’re scared of losing and they know it, which is why they’re trying to silence certain voter groups and voting methods.


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