Pelosi Opponent Releases Ad Attacking #NastyNancy Over Feces Ridden San Fran

(Gateway Pundit) – DeAnna Lorraine, the leading candidate running against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in California’s 12th district, published a scathing ad on her Twitter account earlier this afternoon slamming Pelosi’s “decades long regime” for ruining San Francisco.

Titled “Unrecognizable”, the 30-second spot highlights how feces and needles have taken over the streets under Pelosi’s tenure. It also references Pelosi’s use of government planes to travel around the world, where she has spent thousands upon thousands on booze and pricey meals.

San Francisco has been under scrutiny over the past few years due to the radical left-wing policies that have encouraged people to defecate and do drugs on the sidewalks in full view of the public. City officials have even had to hire “poop patrol” agents with taxpayer dollars to collect and remove human feces from sidewalks and roadways. The agents make $184,000 a year, according to Business Insider.

Lorraine had previously organized a cleanup of San Francisco and will be participating in activist Scott Pressler’s efforts to clean up the streets of San Francisco, which will take place in early February.

We also understand that Ms. Lorraine will be launching the “SFPoopPetition” this week ahead of Pressler’s visit to garner volunteers to help assist in her cleanup efforts over the next few months. Those looking to help her scoop the poop, can look out for the petition at


  1. That photo of Nancy…….


    Guess she can’t stand her shtty neighborhood any more than anyone else.

    In most cities women wear sneakers to work, then pull out their heels when they arrive.

    In San Francisco women (and men) wear sh*t galoshes to work, then switch.

  2. Nancy has NO CLUE what is going on around her and apparently does not care
    but the problem in SAN FRANCISCO IS NOT SOLELY HER PROBLEM one has to wonder what is the problem with the voters, They elected their city leaders and many of them keep getting reelected. If a leader fails to do their job the first time why would the voters expect them to change? Of course, a little encouragement from PELOSI would certainly be helpful. This is happening all across America and its not going to change until the citizens change it. One can not expect the govt whether it be city,county,state or federal to solve all our problems it takes some personal responsibility Voting is not just a privilege its a responsibility. We can not stand idly by and watch our communities be destroyed
    Politicians become very alarmed when they know we are paying attention.

  3. Nancy Pelosi has learned NOTHING AT ALL during all the years she has been in Congress! If she would just open her eyes, ears and NOSE, she would soon come to realize that shit called by any other name STINKS just as bad!

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