Pelosi Caught Lying From The House Floor About Transcript Of President Trump’s Phone Call To Zelensky (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday lied from the House floor about what Trump said during his July 25 phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Pelosi named impeachment managers on Wednesday morning ahead of the House vote.

The Speaker spread more lies about Trump’s call with Zelensky and claimed Trump said “do me a favor.”

“He could say to the president, ‘do me a favor,’ do me a favor…what is this ‘do me a favor?’” Pelosi said from the House floor.

The transcript, which President Trump released several months ago, clearly shows President Trump said, “do us a favor.”

The President said “us” meaning the country — he did not say “me.”


Both Pelosi and Schiff have lied about what President Trump said on his call to Zelensky.

Schiff previously fabricated Trump’s phone call with Zelensky in his opening statement during a congressional hearing.

Schiff AGAIN invented fake quotes from President Trump during his Soviet-style show trial as Alexander Vindman testified.

“What does the president say? I want you to investigate the Bidens and this debunked conspiracy theory pushed by Vladimir Putin that also helps my reelection,” Schiff said ‘quoting’ President Trump.

President Trump said nothing of the sort, but what should we expect from the serial liar Adam Schiff and now he’s the lead manager in the impeachment trial.

Had enough yet, America?


  1. The streets of San Francisco reflect the total failure of this lying scourge on the public. There is a female who is running against the pig in her next election … with the grace of God and for any hope of an honest future for SF, let’s hope Piglosi’s opponent WINS!!

  2. WE CAN CHANGE ALL THIS IN NOVEMBER BY REMOVING ALL OF THEM RUNNING FOR REELECTION. Pelosi should have retired loooong ago. She has stolen enough from the taxpayers of this country. She is no longer in control of the House she is speaker in name only time for her to go.

  3. No matter how much or what shade of lip stick you put on your pig . . .Pelosi, It is still a pig. The false information in your attempt to bare false witness against the President, does not change the reality of your effort, it is still a pig.


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