Pelosi Calls On President Trump To Abandon Lawsuit Seeking To Strike Down Obamacare Amid Coronavirus Pandemic (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is playing politics as Americans are waiting for some relief during an unprecedented shutdown due to the Coronavirus.

In response to the Coronavirus, Pelosi called on President Trump to abandon his lawsuit seeking to strike down the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare.

Monday was the 10 anniversary of the disastrous, unconstitutional law passed by Congress under Obama and later upheld by Chief Justice Roberts.

“Today, therefore I am calling on President Trump to abandon his lawsuit seeking to strike down the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi said Monday amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Pelosi and Schumer continued to play politics on Monday amid the Coronavirus shutdown and demanded a wish list of Socialist policies that have nothing to do with the global pandemic.

Pelosi and Schumer are now pushing these demands:

1) Unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions

2) Increased fuel emissions standards for airlines

3) Expansion of wind and solar tax credits

Even worse, not only are these demands totally unrelated to the Coronavirus pandemic, they could prevent companies from participating in the loan programs — directly causing unnecessary layoffs, according to a senior GOP aide.

Pelosi is worth 10’s of millions of dollars so she doesn’t care about the average American struggling right now. For her it’s all about a power grab.


Bonus – The end of Pelosi’s address could not have been more awkward.



  1. WAIT!!! Does Nancy actually believe that everyone forgot she was the one who told all the Congress not to read Obamacare. “Just sign it”, she said. “You can read it later.” And all the trash that was included – like the banks being able to grab any person’s money and the ability for doctors to determine whether a person’s life was worth living. Oh, but those really had something to do with the ‘care’ part, right? And let’s talk about funding – if it was so important, why haven’t the Dems spent as much energy throwing money at that worthless piece of trash as they did in trying to impeach a duly-elected president. I voted for him before and I’ll vote for him again. AND AGAIN! The DEMS are DONE. We want them OUT. OUT OF EVERYTHING. I’ve not seen one who’s been worth their weight in fluff.

  2. Sorry Nancy, folks have read this trash called obamacare, that’s why the lawsuits are so many .
    Perhaps the Dems could hire real attorneys unlike the obamas to write legislation for them .


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