Pelosi Announces Democrats Will Finally Vote On Trump’s Historic USMCA Trade Deal After Stalling For Over A Year – And She Tries To Take Credit For It!

(Gateway Pundit) – Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally announced she will move President Trump’s historic USMCA agreement through Congress.

President Trump ran on promised to renegotiate the failed Clinton NAFTA deal.

He did it.

Pelosi is trying desperately to take credit for the historic Trump trade agreement.

Pelosi stalled for over a year to pass the agreement!

Democrats had the votes for passage but sat on the deal for over 400 days.

President Trump signed the agreement on November 28, 2018!

Video: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi press conference on USMCA


  1. I’m sure someone will do a side by side comparison of the original Trump proposal vs. the “much improved” Pelosi version to determine how much the Dems helped in this endeavor. I cannot believe that they actually had anyone who was not working on the impeachment process to actually spend any serious amount of time on this.

  2. Trump had nothing to do with big pharma at this point. Remember you democrats let it sit for along time ignoring it. You idiots will not take credit for something Trump had nothing to do with..

  3. Nancy Polcati is an idiot who takes credit for something that she and the Demorats had any thing except holding it up for over 400 days.

  4. Trump used his negotiating powers to talk with Canada, and Mexico and made it work. Pelosi is the devil and still trying to diminish Trump. She needs to go. Her own daughter said that she comes to an argument with a knife.

  5. Somebody must have told those dumb bastards that USMCA was a good idea because they certainly don’t have the brains to figure it out for themselves since none of them have ever had an original idea in those Government paying jobs. I was sick when I saw her trying to take credit for this agreement. “We took a very flawed agreement and made it work” for the country. Of course we all know they never had a lie they were unwilling to tell.


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