Paris Massacre Terrorist Sees Day In Court – The Reason Will Surprise You

( – The Paris massacre of 2015 took the lives of 131 people and left 368 injured. The attack was carried out by none other than Islamic terrorists. Just a token of how much they love Christians and western culture. All but one of the terrorists who carried out the attack were killed. The sole survivor, Salah Abdeslam, has just recently been served justice, just maybe not the kind you’d expect.

Abdeslam has just been awarded €500 euros after a French court ruled in his favor that his “privacy rights” had been violated while incarcerated. You read that correctly. A French court ruled to pay a convicted terrorist responsible for the deaths of 131 people for an alleged violation of his privacy. What is wrong with this world?

I would submit, when you are a TERRORIST who has murdered a massive number of people, you forfeit your rights to “privacy.”

Let’s see what happened, maybe the details will bring different perspective.

According to Summit News:

The Belgian was placed under 24/7 surveillance after he arrived at Fleury-Mérogis maximum security prison in April 2016. However, Abdeslam’s lawyer Frank Berton challenged that this violated his client’s right to privacy and the Administrative Court of Versailles later ruled in his favor, awarding the terrorist €500 euros.

Nope. Details did nothing to make this any less insane. It’s deplorable that a terrorist sitting in maximum security prison even thinks they have the right to complain about “privacy” and even more so that said terrorist’s lawyer thought it was something worth taking up in court.

“We are run by a system that has become totally crazy, justifying by the rule of law the worst ignominies against the law and against the state,” said the National Rally party’s Jean Messiha.

This is 21st century logic. So much focus on “equality” and reassuring everyone that their feelings really are important, we’ve lost all sight of common sense and rationality. Now we are coddling terrorists in prison. At the very least, Abdeslam should be thrown into a black hole never to see the light of day again. He’d certainly never have to worry about “privacy” ever again.

Unfortunately, this terrorist coddling isn’t an isolated incident. In the UK, the government generously decided to bestow legal aid on the widow of the London Bridge terror attack mastermind. Meanwhile, the victims of her terrorist husband were not afforded this luxury. How absurd. Apparently, it doesn’t matter what you do, all that matters is what religion you identify with.

One survivor of the London Bridge attack was added to a terror watch list and forced to go through de-radicalization classes. You probably think I’m referring to one of the terrorists, but the truth is, that is what they put one of the heroes of the attack through. A man who bravely fought off two terrorists, being treated like the criminal. Deplorable.

If you go out and commit atrocities against humanity, you deserve to rot in a jail cell for the remainder of your life, which is compassionate considering we don’t do firing squads or public hangings anymore. It’s time to stop coddling to terrorists.

Featured image credit: Summit News