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Socialist Bernie Sanders Earns More Than $1M For Second Year, While Complaining About Rich People

(Gateway Pundit) – Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont religiously slams the rich, warning that people who enjoy wealth are the detriment of the working class— rhetoric that was ramped up when he was a candidate in the 2016 presidential campaign. Just one problem: Sanders’ own bank account is bursting at the seams. The self-proclaimed […]

June 22, 2018, 6:35 pm ·

Trudeau Trashed US On Child Detention, Didn’t Mention His Country Does Same Thing

(Conservative Tribune) – It probably oughtn’t surprise anyone familiar with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his inveterate liberalism that he would call out President Donald Trump on separating families caught illegally immigrating into the United States. It also probably oughtn’t surprise anyone familiar with Trudeau and his inveterate hypocrisy that his country does the […]

June 22, 2018, 6:34 pm ·

Unhinged Democrat Mob Swarms Home Of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen – Days After Chasing Her From Restaurant (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Days after chasing her from a restaurant, unhinged liberals have shown up at the home of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to continue terrorizing her. Approximately two dozen unhinged leftists arrived at Nielsens townhouse in Alexandria, Virginia, on Friday morning. The group brought a loud speaker blaring the audio of […]

June 22, 2018, 6:33 pm ·

WH Reporter Obsesses Over Trump’s Ranch Dressing When Others Got Italian, Balsamic Vinegar

(Conservative Tribune) – We’ve all gotten used to the establishment media relentlessly attacking President Donald Trump for every single thing he does, no matter how big or small. Even so, this one seems astoundingly petty and ridiculous. National Public Radio political writer Sarah McCammon, who was serving as White House radio pool reporter during the […]

June 22, 2018, 6:32 pm ·

These Images Of Obama’s Detention Facilities Would Make Rachel Maddow Cry…If They’d Been Taken Under Trump

( – On Thursday, Melania Trump made a surprise, unplanned trip to the border to see what was really going on at the youth detention facilities that the media has been milking for tears and agenda-pushing all week. While the media will all but ignore the state of most youth holding facilities, there have been […]

June 22, 2018, 6:31 pm ·

After Antifa Attack On DHS Sec., CNN Analyst Wants Her To Eat With Only Her Race

(Conservative Tribune) – Liberals and progressive leftists were in a state of constant outrage even before President Donald Trump took office, but every few weeks or so there appears to be another media-driven instance of over-the-top and self-righteous maximum outrage for them to immerse themselves in. The latest instance of leftist rage is centered on […]

June 22, 2018, 6:30 pm ·

It’s Worse Than We Thought: Ex-BP Agent Says No Way To Verify Parents Are Real

(Conservative Tribune) – Other than the fact that U.S. Border Patrol and ICE agents are just flat out mean, heartless animals — as those on the left and in the establishment media would have everyone believe — why have authorities been separating parents who are caught entering the country illegally from their children? Among the […]

June 22, 2018, 6:29 pm ·

Liberal Heads Explode After First Lady Melania Trolls Fake News Wearing ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do You?’ Jacket

(Gateway Pundit) – First lady Melania Trump boarded a flight at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland Thursday evening wearing a trench coat with bold lettering on the back that read, “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” The green jacket, which retails for about $40 at a ZARA, has been characterized as the fashionista’s equivalent […]

June 22, 2018, 6:28 pm ·

Media Savages Trump For Saying Exactly What Obama Said In 2014 [Video]

(Conservative Tribune) – President Donald Trump ran for office on a promise of securing our nation’s borders and restoring the rule of law by actually enforcing immigration laws that have been on the books for decades. Since Congress has refused to aid Trump in his effort to secure the border via a wall, his administration […]

June 22, 2018, 6:25 pm ·

Despite Whining By Liberal Media And DC Elites=> 64% Of Americans Want Illegal Families Detained

(Gateway Pundit) – It’s clear. The Democrat-media complex want open borders and free-roaming illegals of all ages. And they will lie, cheat and abuse others to get their way. But despite the constant media campaign the American public rejects this insanity. In fact, 64% of Americans want illegal immigrant families detained at the border. According […]

June 22, 2018, 6:20 pm ·

President Trump’s Approval On Economic Issues Skyrockets, According To New Poll

(Gateway Pundit) – As the economy continues to boom, President Trump’s approval ratings on economic issues are also on the rise — and he has now surpassed the approval rating President Obama received on the issue for the majority of his presidency. According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, 49 percent of likely voters rate […]

June 22, 2018, 6:15 pm ·

Border Patrol Agent In ‘Family Separation’ Photo Disputes Media Narrative

‘They’re using it to symbolize a policy, and that was not the case on this picture’ (Infowars) – The image of a crying child at the border is being grossly misrepresented by the mainstream media, the Border Patrol agent who appears in the famous photo says. On Friday, CBP agent Carlos Ruiz, whose legs appear […]

June 22, 2018, 6:10 pm ·
Illegal Alien Children

Rasmussen Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Blame Illegal Immigrant Parents For The Child Border Crisis

(Gateway Pundit) – As the mainstream media continues to breathlessly attempt to smear President Donald Trump by tugging at American’s heartstrings over the child border crisis, the majority of citizens blame illegal alien parents — not the administration. There was a time when people would have believed the narrative being pushed down their throats, but […]

June 22, 2018, 6:05 pm ·

Bald Eagles Making Comeback During Trump Era

Record-breaking conservation of bald eagles coincides with the restoration of America (Infowars) – Once on the brink of extinction, the bald eagle is making a comeback across America, according to wildlife biologists. Since 2016, four states have experienced record-breaking counts of bald eagle nests in the wild, which biologists have attributed to an increase in […]

June 22, 2018, 6:00 pm ·

The Incredible Letter Charles Krauthammer Sent A Recently Paralyzed Man Shows What Kind Of Person He Was

(Conservative Tribune) – Thousands are mourning the recent passing of Charles Krauthammer, a legendary and beloved conservative columnist who died at 68-years-old after a brief battle with cancer. In an emotional letter to his readers earlier this month, Krauthammer broke the news that he was near the end of his life. “I leave this life […]

June 22, 2018, 5:55 pm ·

Farmer Attacked As “Racist” For Displaying Swedish Flag Colors In Support Of Childhood Cancer Charity

“Anti-racists” attack couple for showing support for World Cup team (Infowars) – A farmer in Sweden was attacked as a “racist” for displaying piles of hay stacks in the color of the Swedish national flag, despite the fact that the photo was in support of a charity raising money for child cancer victims. Per Johan […]

June 22, 2018, 5:50 pm ·

Burger King Owner Demands Apology From Cops Who Reportedly Were Denied Service

(Conservative Tribune) – Law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to protect the public continue to face insults and mistreatment from those they are protecting. Two uniformed sheriff’s deputies from the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office say they were denied service at a Burger King restaurant in St. Francisville, Louisiana, last month. When […]

June 22, 2018, 5:45 pm ·

Sick! Fox News Host Juan Williams Defends Peter Fonda’s Threat To Kidnap Barron Trump And Lock Him In Cage With Pedophiles (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – As TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks reported, Academy Award-nominated actor and filmmaker Peter Fonda is calling for Barron Trump to be placed in a cage with pedophiles, children of ICE agents to be threatened, and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to be stripped naked and whipped in public. Below is a screenshot of Peter […]

June 22, 2018, 11:55 am ·

Catholic Children In Austria Forced To Learn Islamic Songs Or Be Punished

( – There is an invasion happening in Europe, and if you don’t think the same thing could happen here, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. The toxic ideology of the left isn’t just based on ignorant views of peace and tolerance, they’re a very focused attempt to weaken the strength of the greatest–and freest–nation […]

June 22, 2018, 11:35 am ·
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