PA Governor Wolf Takes COVID Tyranny To New Heights With This Crushing Mandate On Bars & Restaurants

( Exclusive) – It would appear as though Governors Newsom (CA), Cuomo (NY), and Wolf (PA) are in some kind of competition to see who can be the most tyrannical. Over the course of the last week or so these men have been doing everything in their power to make sure residents in their respective states know who’s boss.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner these state overlords have been cracking down and issuing mandate after mandate, commanding residents to stay home and alone over the holiday.

First, Governor Cuomo decreed that New York residents were not permitted to have indoor gatherings of more than 10 people, even at their own private residences. Not to be outdone, Governor Newsom issued similar restrictions and added a 10 pm curfew.

The winner of this deranged battle, however, is without a doubt Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. Residents in the Keystone State have been ordered to wear facemasks literally at all times, even if social distancing, and they’re being told not to get together for the holidays.

Perhaps the most absurd lockdown restriction yet, however, came Monday as Wolf announced his latest decree to hurt bars and restaurants on the biggest drinking night of the year. Wolf has ordered that bars and restaurants stop the on-site sale of alcohol at 5 pm Wednesday evening. The ban is effective until 8 am Thursday morning.

If you didn’t think it was about control before, you certainly can’t have any doubt now.

Pennsylvanians’ rights are being utterly and completely trampled on by this power-hungry tyrant. Local bars and restaurants are again being punished despite there being no scientific evidence or data to suggest the restrictions on this industry are justified.

What makes matters even worse is that Wolf is pretending as though everything is just out of his hands. The Democrats love to blame President Trump for the 250,000+ deaths from COVID but they are sure not interested in taking any kind of responsibility for their tyrannical restrictions and rules when they hurt their residents more than the virus does.

“The thing that we can’t do is ignore reality and say ‘yeah you folks, for no fault of your own, have been hit hardest by this virus.’ But the virus is what’s doing this. It’s not me. It’s not the administration. It’s not the government,” the Wolf said. Can you believe the audacity?

Like Cuomo, Wolf is also telling Pennsylvanians not to have people over for the holidays and Wolf’s transgender health secretary Dr. Rachel Levine threatened residents saying law enforcement and state agencies were going to be “stepping up enforcement efforts” of the administration’s mandates.

He said that new and existing orders “will be enforced” and also stated that law enforcement could start “issuing citations and fines and possible regulatory actions for repeat offenders.”

Wolf echoed Levine’s sentiments and issued his own threat saying, “For those who refuse to do their part to protect their neighbors and communities and refuse to accept that their actions have consequences that cause pain and suffering for others, we will be stepping up enforcement of all of the public health orders Dr. Levine and I have put in place.”

Should you get caught without a facemask and have visitors to your home, you could be considered a “repeat offender.” Better watch out, Pennsylvanians, Wolf’s sending out the gestapo.

The irony is that prior to his threatening residents with increased enforcement of his absurd mandates, he said that it is the duty of all Pennsylvanians to “preserve the life we all love in this commonwealth.” What is there to love in Pennsylvania right now? I doubt very much residents agree that there is much to love about life in PA now.

Wolf and Levine have exercised tyrannical control over the state since the onset of the pandemic in March and things have only gone from bad to worse as the duo continue to crush small businesses and suck the life right out of Pennsylvanians.

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  1. After all is said and done What has the democratic lockdowns done for us.
    1. violated our freedoms
    2. diminished our productivity and financial wealth as a country and as individuals
    3. Given corrupt leadership a stronger hold on our lives, dictating to us how we should live.
    4, Weakened our families and country
    5. Implanted in our thinking that medical pandemics and questionable medical advice presides, takes precedence over the law and Constitution
    6. Put a ring in our countries nose to be led around and scorned if we remember our former freedom.

  2. The news is out that President and the American People were given a win when the Supreme cCourt ruled 4 to 5 that the restrictions for churches is unConstitutional. BUT WAIT! The constitution was written in plain English so any one who could read and had a minimal level of cognitive ability could understand what was written and meant.

    SO THERE ARE 4 SUPREME COURT JUDGES who do not meet the basic standard of understanding of the first amendment which, as stated ,is in plain English so any one who could read and had a minimal level of cognitive ability could understand what was written and meant.

    We have either 4 Supreme court members receiving a pay check from us who either do not support and defend our laws or are basically illiterate.

  3. Hmmm, how many of us remember the “Hey Iran” bumper stickers with Mickey Mouse flipping the bird? (Yea I just told my age lol) But might be time to resurrect and modify the theme. Hey Wolf and Hey Joe… I may be on to something here…

  4. Wolf’s former business friends were flabbergasted at his crazed policies even during his first term. Then the plandemic hit, and Wolf joined fellow Democrat Govs. Cuomo, Whitmer, and Newsom in a race to the lunatic bottom. At least Newsom, unlike Wolf and Cuomo, didn’t force nursing homes to take Covid patients, artificially inflating the death count. But businessman Newsom did keep his wineries open while all others in his state were shut down, just as Wolf’s former cabinet and building products business was deemed “life sustaining” while much of PA was shuttered. Then, in the Nov. 3rd election, Wolf ordered state officials under him to violate Pennsylvania election laws in an coordinated attempt (some call it conspiracy) to make a dementia patient President. Underlings should roll, and we hear they are.

  5. Governor Wolfe and his transvestite
    Dr should come down to Florida to learn how a real Governor runs a state without
    Harassing the people, it’s only Democratic states that do this,
    Gov Whitmer is in the process of being impeached Wolfe is probably next !!

    • Florida is a harder-hit state than Pennsylvania, as are Texas and both of the Dakotas, all Republicunt states. What does that tell you? Democrats take Covid seriously, republicunts don’t care who dies as long as they get their money.

  6. Interesting out the guzo” Time magazine Nominates MICHIGAN GOV. GRETCHEN WHITMER for ‘PERSON OF THE YEAR’ while Kalkaska County commissioners voted 4-2 on Friday to back a push by several Republican legislators to launch an investigation of Whitmer’s conduct during the coronavirus pandemic.”

    Can the democrats get more openly over stupid and obscured?

  7. Wolf is an ass. I drove by our PA State liquor store tonight and there was a long line. Some not wearing masks and not 6 feet apart. How ignorant was this mandate. If our dumb governor just let the store open to regular hours, there would not have been a crowd. Duh!

  8. This is what happened when we put incompetent people who serve the democratic mind set in charge of our lives. They reveal what they are, disregarders of our laws and our constitutional freedoms.

    I have asked this question over and over again . Why in the hell do we elect people who do not intend to adhere to our laws except as window dressing to hiding their true intentions?

  9. Write all the articles you want regarding the blatant tyranny it will not matter until We the People start standing up and telling these dictatorial pos ENOUGH!! People its our states our country our government, time to take it ALL BACK !!

  10. these people are all nuts, there dipstick is reading low, they tell you to stay inside but in same sentence tell you to go outside for Thanksgiving dinner WTF YOU DUMB RETARDS DOING ?


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