Overrun With Illegals, State Of California Approves Foster Parents Housing Up To 26+ Unaccompanied Minors

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – As the state of California continues to see massive numbers of illegal immigrants flooding across the southern border, the Department of Social Services in the state is now asking foster parents to help provide care for unaccompanied minors who have come into the country.

According to Infowars, a couple who is involved in the foster care program received a voicemail that said, “This is an emergency message, please respond to this urgent message from the Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD). CCLD would like to know how many available beds you have to serve additional youth.”

The CCLD is a branch of the California Department of Social Services that specifically deals with the licensing of foster families.

A man named Travis, who is a foster parent, conducted an interview with the Daily Mail where he explained, “Usually the maximum amount of children you are allowed to foster at any one time is six. We called our caseworker and she told us that everyone was calling her because they had got that same call.”

“I consider it human trafficking,” he said. “It’s not the burden of taking kids in because we have the heart for it, but these are kids that were taken from the border for a money scheme and now they’re going to use us resource parents to take care of them.”

Foster families have been asked to select bed capacity ranges from 1-20, 11-25, or even 26+.

One foster mother from California said, “At any given point in time there are 30,000 plus children in the L.A. County foster care system alone. So to ask us already certified foster parents to take on children from another country when we can barely take care of our own foster crisis doesn’t seem beneficial to either side because either way someone loses a bed.”

One of the foster agencies that Travis uses stated that they did not know where the influx of children is coming from, while another agency from the state said, “They [CCLD] are trying to address the needs of a record number of unaccompanied children who are arriving from Central America who are escaping impossible situations such as poverty, violence and natural disasters.”

Folks, this is what we mean when we say that unaccompanied migrants coming across the border illegally are causing a shortage of resources. The additional financial and mental toll having almost 26 extra mouths to feed in one home is more than any normal couple could possibly bear. It’s not fair to these folks who are trying to serve the people of their own communities.

It’s not the job of foster parents to take care of these children. That’s their parents’ job. They have parents. These kids aren’t orphans. They need to be sent back home to be with their families.

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  3. Well here I go spouting off again since there is so much to spout off about these days while we watch in real time the downfall of America and the legalization of over vice that destroys lives being advocated by this so called government .
    Schumer says he is going to pass legalization of marijuana with or without Biden. So Schumer must also along with over 75 million Americans must recognize the illegitimacy of Biden as president. Schumer’s value system must see Biden just is a door stop to work around. The American people do not exist in Schumer’s vision of America. So I suggest that Congress have a smoke in and maybe they will then have an excuse for the mess they are putting the country in besides their incompetent moral and behavioral value system that seems to be taken word for word from a memo from satan himself.

    $28,000 for each illegal and Felon in New York, but legitimate business are forced to close up.

    Accept over 600,000 mail in votes in Georgia that were illegally counted, were invalid because there was no chain of custody for them to be found.

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  4. “President Joe Biden has signaled to the world that the border is currently open.

    His “compassionate” stance on immigration has caused a crisis and overwhelmed the American systems meant to deal with illegal immigration.

    The only people who are truly benefitting from the crisis at the border are human trafficking cartels and Democrat politicians who are trying to change political demographics in America.”

    “Compassionate stance”? Compassionate not for the American People who are burdened with the weight of the moral and spiritual deterioration of our society brought on by the degenerate minds celebrating the surge of corrupting influences on our people’s lives of this administration. That is the REAL PANDEMIC. The American citizen people are not even a consideration in Biden’s corrupt and demented mind or his administration of criminals.

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  6. We are now a Government of the criminal, by the criminal , for the criminal …

    “Sources told the New York Post this week that Cuomo, along with New York State Democrats, is negotiating a $2.1 billion fund where at least 187,000 illegal aliens and 87,000 felons could receive taxpayer-funded unemployment benefits that mirror state and federal benefits. . . .

    Illegal alien and felon recipients could receive up to $28,600 a year thanks to the taxpayer-funded benefits, according to analysts. Weekly, illegal aliens and felons could receive $500 a week. For those unemployed since March 2020, recipients could receive on average $12,600.”

  7. It is reported “Vatican Cardinal: In a Globalized World, ‘There Are No Borders’

    I wonder if that includes the Vatican, that this independent state now has no borders?

    “What the Vatican hopes for is “an openness that allows us to make a step forward.”

    During a round table with journalists Friday, the Spanish cardinal said that interreligious dialogue, including with non-believers, is needed now more than ever “because it favors processes of peace” and facilitates common solutions to problems such as poverty, war, climate change, migration, and human trafficking.”

    The Spanish Cardinal is not intellectually informed about the nature of the fallen man or history. His idea has been tried by conquer after conquer through out history and has been a dud of an idea.

    • He’s not talking about conquest, he’s talking about unity. Also, the USA only exists because of continued conquest. Take the Mexican-American and Spanish-American wars, plus the Louisiana purchase. I live in a state that was bought in the Louisiana purchase, I should know.

    • Roman, again you need to wash your brain out with soap, disinfectant soap. The French dictator needed money to continue his war. He was out of money, so he sold the land to America. This was not a conquest but a real estate purchase. Again Roman your understanding is limited by the bitter root of hate. I grew up in Arizona and I do know about the issues with Mexico. The government in Mexico was killing the peasants. It was the People who wanted to get rid of the blood thirsty Mexican government so they could live in peace. I do not know where you learned your history, but I would ask for my money back if this is the junk you were taught.

    • A purchase is still an annexation. Have you ever heard of the term “financial empire?” Do you think it wasn’t conquest to push the Natives out of their homeland?

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  8. The report that the border patrol is now directed to NOT do any FBI back ground checks on people taking the unaccompanied “children” to make sure they are who they say they are and not sex trafficking offenders.
    Apparently, Biden/Harris is willingly selling MANY children into sex trafficking or worse.

    Now Montana is questioning the legitimacy of the election with 6% of the ballots hand counted as ineligible to be counted. Let me take a guess. Biden is NOT the legal president,and Harris is also a fraudulent VP.

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  10. “On Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Fox Across America,” House Homeland Security Committee Ranking Member John Katko (R-NY) stated that “there’s going to be a COVID problem” on the southern border.”

    The secret is out the democrats WANT THE COVID TO BE SPREAD BY THE ILLEGAL INVASION sponsored by the democratic party. That gives the the excuse to control us and continue to erase our Constitution and freedoms!

  11. Now we will hav security on the border?

    Ron Johnson stated,”she (Harriss) actually compared a federal law enforcement agency, ICE, to the Ku Klux Klan. Now that is a person President Biden has put in charge of solving this problem. How can you do that when you have to rely on the brave men and women of [ICE] … You’re putting a person in charge of the [ICE] efforts someone who has compared … [the agency’s] efforts to the Ku Klux Klan. I just don’t get it.

    I am so comforted? Harris calls our law enforcement KKK and we have a declining empty head for a president and Kerry and Fauci the moles in charge.

    • Again I am comforted by this criminal in charge administration.

      “United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has hired as its first “chief of diversity and inclusion” a person who posted anti-Trump memes on his Facebook page, including one that compared the former president to Adolf Hitler.”

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