Outrageous! Pelosi Delays Vote On Senate’s Coronavirus Relief Bill Until Thursday

(Gateway Pundit) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) delayed the vote on the Senate’s Coronavirus stimulus package on Wednesday morning.

The White House and Senate leaders reached a deal in the middle of the night for a massive stimulus package to bolster the economy during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The package will reportedly contain aid for both workers and businesses. Hospitals will also receive significant funding.

But Speaker Pelosi has no urgency whatsoever because she doesn’t care about the American people suffering.

Pelosi delayed the vote on the Senate’s stimulus bill until Thursday because the Democrats have to review the provisions in order to make their decision.

“House Democrats will now review the final provisions and legislative text of the agreement to determine a course of action,” Pelosi said.

According to reports, the House was only in session for 3 minutes Wednesday morning and gaveled out.

“Senior sources say House won’t meet again later today,” Fox News’ Chad Pergram said.

The Senate is currently in a meeting working on a plan to get the Coronavirus bill passed today.

The text is supposed to come out Wednesday according to two GOP Senate aides who spoke to the Daily Caller.

Pelosi is playing politics as usual.

On Monday the Democrat lawmaker introduced a gargantuan 1,400 page Coronavirus bill loaded with Socialist policies that have nothing to do with the virus.

The Speaker’s Socialist wish list includes: Collective Bargaining, Green New Deal Priorities, Student Loan Forgiveness, Federalizing Elections (including ballot harvesting), Immigration Provisions, Overreaching Mandates on Businesses and much more!



  1. Senile Nancy needs to be LOCKED UP, hauled away in HANDCUFFS from Office for SEDITION and TREASON, CRIMES against the POTUS and the American People for operation of an ILLEGAL COUP (impeachment SHAM) as per the U.S. Constitution . . . One IRATE Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. People i keep saying it over and over. It is going to take a 2nd Revolution to get OUR government back and put all these tyrants where they belong and show future Congress We the People run this country.


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