Outrage: Anti-Military Dem Senate Candidate Compares Deaths Of U.S. Soldiers To Deaths From Illegal Border Crossings

October 12, 2018 6:35 pm  

(TeaParty.org) – There is a way in which illegal immigration is like war.

When you cross the border of a soverign nation in hoardes, it’s a lot like an invasion.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who is currently running for Senate in Arizona, however, apparently thinks that to invade a nation like this is just as valiant as what US troops have done globally to secure liberty for countless millions of people throughout our stunning military history.

Her outlandish comments were reported this week by The Washington Free Beacon.

“To state that immigration is not a war or is not equal in magnitude to war, I believe, dishonors those who have died in this country and others as migrants,” Sinema wrote in an email.

“I volunteer with a group called No Mas Muertes—No More Deaths—and I cannot explain to you the pain that I suffered one hot day last July as I scoured the desert along with scores of others for the bodies of those who have died tortuous and painful deaths in our desert … Death is death, and to rank one form of death as being somehow more important than other death [sic] does us no good as humans. The deaths that people suffer in the Mexico-Arizona desert are the same as the deaths that people suffer in the Iraq desert — they are needless, senseless deaths.”

What, exactly, she was trying to convey was not immediately clear, but the email was written on April 4, 2006, when the biggest story in the news would have certainly been that Saddam Hussein was charged with attempted genocide by an Iraqi court for his use of chemical weapons against Kurds in 1988, so this was the likely context.

She is, of course, stanchly anti-military.

In 2003, she helped pass out flyers calling U.S. military presence in Iraq “U.S. terror in Iraq and the Middle East” and depicting our troops as skeletons, so it’s also not unlikely she was comparing the deaths of those crossing the border illegally to those who lose their lives serving our nation.

Comparing illegal immigrant deaths to either attempted genocide or the death of those who died serving, however, is completely outrageous.

“Death is death, and to rank one form of death as being somehow more important than other death (sic) does us no good as humans,” Sinema pontificated in the same email.

Actually, this is entirely untrue.

Human life is always valuable, yes. But there is absolutely no way to compare the lives of those lost crossing the border illegally, something they do out of their own free well purely for personal gain, and those lost at the hands of a tyrannical madman or while selflessly serving their nation’s military.

Sinema’s opponent, on the other hand, is someone who knows better than most the weight the death of an American solider bears.

Rep. Martha McSally, the Republican candidate for Arizona’s Senate seat, is a former “Warthog” pilot with over 100 hours of combat patrol, which just so happens to have been flown in the old Iraq “no-fly” zone, according to a Washington Post piece from 2002.

Her congressional profile reveals that she also retired from the Air Force a full colonel in 2010.

McSally rightly pointed out in an early campaign ad that while self-righteous Sinema was comfortably at home, mocking and belittling the military from a safe, secure nation while McSally was serving her country.

“While we were in harm’s way in uniform, Kyrsten Sinema was protesting us in a pink tutu and denigrating our service,” she said.

Sinema has also attracted criticism for fellow Democrats in other states for campaigning with them, like Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill.

There’s no doubt that Sinema shows no love for our military.

Voters should keep in mind just how radical the Democrats have gotten when they head to the polls this November.

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