“Our Motherf*ckin Streets!” Media Silent As Antifa Leads March In Riot Gear, Attack Journalist As Police Stand By

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Welcome to the communist takeover—violent thugs marching in the street under the protective shield of a completely silent mainstream media complex and police departments forced into complicity.

You’ve surely been hearing plenty about the criminal actions of a relatively small group of Trump supporters who rioted through the halls of Congress on Wednesday in the midst of an otherwise peaceful protest to the certification of the Electoral College votes naming Joe Biden as President-elect.

Of course, the same media who rediscovered the terms “riot” and “mob” were unaware of such phrases during the summer when far-left groups raged through the streets of America’s major cities, causing billions in damage and the loss of several lives.

Just this weekend, Antifa was on the streets of New York, marching in riot gear and shouting that they were “our mother*ckin streets!” and yet the media has been entirely silent.

They were there Sunday in anticipation of a rumored MAGA march at Columbus Circle.

Are these not completely chilling images?

Where is the outrage?

Plenty of Republicans have denounced the violence and criminal actions of those protesters who engaged in the chaos on Wednesday—but we also all know that there were at least a few members of far-left groups dressed in MAGA gear there as well.

These people are openly looking for a fight.

Yet it’s only the pro-Trump mobs that get denounced and demonized while the black-clad terrorists who have been running amok in our streets for years virtually entirely unaddressed by anyone other than Trump and a handful of GOP politicians go entirely ignored.

It’s disgusting.


“If Trump supporters were marching through the streets in riot gear claiming to own the public space, left-wing reporters would light their hair on fire,” The Gateway Pundit cleverly notes.

Meanwhile, a female reporter was assaulted—can you imagine if a female reporter was assaulted by a pro-Trump crowd?!

We’d hear about it for weeks!

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  1. there are millions of true democrats still out there that were fooled by their hatred of Trump and the rhetoric of the liberals and voted for biden and the socialist party. they will, very soon, be enlightened by the drastic changes these people will make and be very regretful of that decision to vote the way they did. but it will be too late- what is done is done. obviously there are two choices the American people have- civil war and secession. we will lose the civil war when the socialist government brings in foreign assistance- the chinese government and its troops. that civil war will result in the next world war- the only one ever fought on US soil. I live in the great state of Texas and the secession idea has been on the POTUS’ desk for decades, complete with hundreds of thousands of Texas signatures. it will remain ignored until the people of Texas become active- that is to say, do something about it. I’m not certain how well that turns out either.

  2. Might be time for me to start manufacturing some Flame Throwers! Watch those rioters try to run away when they are soaked with napalm & are on fire!

  3. Even thught there was massive PROOF of fraud and obvious to anyone with sense that what happened at the capitol was Antifa…makes no difference to anyone …they want P. Trump gone that much. He has been a good president and did a lot of the the nation! What America is all about goes totally opposite to what the Democrats stand for and do!! Nobody, not even the Supreme Court has stepped in to gather the truth!!…folks something has to give and We, the People are the ones that will make that happen, because everyone else just about is evil, corrupt and money/power hungry, which is so meaningless with the world falling apart. As goes America, so goes the world and it won’t be nice…it’s going to get truly ugly!

    • That’s just it .. they don’t want the truth, they want the swamp to pick and choose OUR leaders. Their friends in Antifa are receiving aid from the likes of Harris and Biden ( paying their bond ) and of course denying and lying Antifa’s very existence .

  4. Warren Wilhelm, Jr. parades his new law enforcement team, the New York City Sturmabteilung. NYPD, you can go home now. Your services are no longer needed…and are too expensive, anyway, according to Warren. NYCS will be self-funded by ‘volunteer’ donations from grateful local business and shop owners.

  5. Funny how they are calling out Proud Boys but if Proud Boys were there they’d run like hell. Bunch of entitled protected little fucking brats that need their asses beat with a belt. Apparently their parents never zipped that bitch through the loop holes on their pants like mine did.

  6. The United States Republic has fallen !! No more honest elections ,we have a SCOTUS that can’t even rule on unconstitutional acts anymore ! No matter what laws are instituted ,the courts will simply ignore ,it just happened in the last election ! This has been made possible by feckless,cowards in the Republican party ! Roberts has a bright yellow streak down his back, along with Ryan, McConnell, Romney to name a few ! The next election, laws will be ignored, the supreme court won’t intervene ,they will fill out the required ballots ,enough to win ,and people monitoring the elections will be quiet ,after all all the affidavits this time were ignored ,all video of election fraud ignored ! If you don’t think this election was a takeover ,wait I heard a socialist say ,next step is to eliminate term limits on the president ,can you say TOTALITARIAN ,DICTATOR ,yes you cowards you destroyed this Republic !

  7. Antifa = Gestapo of the corrupt Socialist Democrat Establishment Elite.
    The next 4 years will be just like living in China with Joe does China’s Biden as our Dictator.

  8. Just for the record, the cops in NYC, Chicago, Portland and Los Angeles , take their orders from Commie left wing radicals in power. They are told to stand down and when they don’t they are brought up on charges (sometimes trumped up) for insubordination. When a cop has twenty or more years on the force, bucking the top, would mean their jobs, pensions and any future job opportunities. That all being said, we are in real trouble here. The cops are the least of it. The Politicians and the press are the culprits and they must be brought around or we will make Venezuela look like Utopia.

    • Right on!

      I think end times are here.
      God has had enough of Trump’s Pride and America’s Immoral lifestyles.
      Tribulation and the NWO are coming to sift the wheat from the straw.
      This not going to be a good time for true Christians.

    • Fortunately, Chicom puppets value the illusion of “honest” elections, so being termed out is still on the table. When elections are declared unnecessary or rigged for DOMINION wins, then open season is obvious.

  9. FOLKS, We must NOW DEFINE when we talk about mobs going forward. The question becomes ARE WE TALKING ABOUT MOBS IN THE STREETS OR ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THE MOBS IN THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS? We have to be very clear in the future which mob we are talking about both are dangerous and destructive.

    • And we all know all to well Joe can tell some whoppers while his VP the “Ho” bails out the criminals in Antifa ..

    • Fortunately, Chicom puppets value the illusion of “honest” elections, so being termed out is still on the table. When elections are declared unnecessary or rigged for DOMINION wins, then open season is obvious.

  10. Of course they are, read your history. First you illegitimately seize power, second you control the media and then release the goon squads. It’s coup planning 101….

  11. This insanity is going to lead to armed conflict. They are pushing it and the police will be on their side, make no mistake about it. I donated a lot of money to the pig force over the years and I regret every cent of it now. BETRAYED!!!!!


    • Time and place Rod. Time and place. Americans loathe Globalists and their minion Chicom goals. Folks will know when they should act, but not now. Provocation right now serves purposes of Americas enemies.

  13. It is a moron’s complaint that their office area was invaded by their friends by, antifa and BLM, because the congress enabled and ignored that robbing of our votes. The congress allowed the violation of the Constitutional requirements and they are concerned about their office being invaded but not concerned that our businesses were burned and looted and people killed. Not a word to go after the looters or the arsonists that burned hundreds of businesses in the economic zones in democratic cities. The democrats are telling us that we the citizens that pay their salaries are of no concern to them, are consumables and to say in their false rhetoric is a full fledged lie, but it doesn’t matter to them what we think .They are real low lifes.

  14. Tea Party; there were Antifa leading the storm on the Capital. Some of the Trump Supporters were unaware of them Infiltrateing Their Group & Got Caught Up In a Moment.


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