Oswega County Sheriff’s Boat Joins Trump Boat Parade With Sheriff Don Hilton Onboard — And They’re Not Apologizing

(Gateway Pundit) – There was another large Trump boat parade last weekend. This time the parade took place at Oneida Lake.

One boat stood out.

The Oswego County Sheriff’s boat donned two Trump flags and joined the parade.

And the sheriff was on the boat!

He defended his boat’s entry in the parade.

Here is the statement from the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office.

Syracuse.com reported:

Among the dozens of private boaters who declared their support for President Trump during a boat rally Sunday on Oneida Lake, one boat clearly was not privately owned.

An Oswego County sheriff’s patrol boat flew a large “Making America Great Again’’ flag emblazoned with Trump’s image during the Flotilla for Trump Sunday near Brewerton. Several uniformed deputies manned the boat.

The flag featured an image of Trump’s face and showed him making a thumb’s up sign. Across the bottom of the flag is the slogan Making America Great Again.

Sheriff Don Hilton has not responded to emails and phone messages seeking comment.




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