ORWELL’S OBAMA: First-Ever 3D Political Video Details Obama’s Tyranny in Amazing Graphics!

July 4, 2014 10:48 am  

(TPNN) – In what is believed to be the first 3D political video history in history, Proe Graphique, leader of the Tea Party Fire Ants, has produced an incredible video highlighting the Orwellian rule and tyranny of Barack Obama with “eye-popping” graphics.

Released on the Fourth of July using George Orwell’s all-time great dystopian novel, “1984,” as a theme, Proe makes the comparison to what America is becoming under Barack Obama’s rule, and the mainstream media is assisting in the country’s destruction. 

“True to the 1984  novel, the media, on television, online, and in print tells people which political party is acceptable and which parties should be abondoned,” the video states.

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Proe Graphique told TPNN he “was always a guy who thought that people citing the end of America were lunatics walking around with ‘The End is Near’ written on sandwich boards.” However Proe believes that the numerous serious scandals and unconstitutional actions, including Obama’s promise to create a “Civilian Security Force,” requires different and better strategies to raise public awareness.

The Tea Party Fire Ants is a conservative activist group that has had success on Twitter bringing Congress to be more focused on getting to the truth about the Benghazi terrorist attack.

“We have three letters of thanks from Rep. [Frank] Wolf for helping to get co-sponsors on the now-manifest Benghazi Select Committee, one thank you from Rep.[Tom] Rice that says “Seeing great results” doing the same for HRes442, a variation of which Boehner has just announced,” Proe told TPNN, while promising the group is on the “cusp of some very big, larger achievements,” including working with “Overpasses for America.”

The group and some of its members have repeatedly had their Twitter accounts suspended due to left-wing trolls reporting unwarranted terms of service violations.

Proe told TPNN via email that this is not politics as usual and that it’s time to “sound the alarms” and reach a whole new audience:

“But what is happening now is different. In my opinion it’s time to start sounding alarms. If doing a stereoscopic, Hollywood-style video filled with visual metaphors which illustrate Obama’s scandals can bring these facts to a whole new audience which do not know of them, then that is what must be done.”

“No stone can be left unturned in terms of heightening public awareness so that when November comes, people won’t simply be angry about Obamacare, they will be rightfully horrified by a whole set of circumstances of which they were otherwise not aware – and vote accordingly.”

Proe said that conservatives getting “massacred” by the mainstream media further explained his motivation for producing Orwell’s Obama:

“I have many years experience in media, advertising and various graphics and video/cinema aspects. The reason of doing such an elaborate and visually high-tech and novel approach for an Obama Scandal video is two-fold: the first is to give good people something that is worth their five minutes. In that respect this just meets the demands of the most basic tradition of any kind of theatrical presentation: put on a good show.

“But much more importantly is that, as every conservative knows, we on the right are just getting massacred in the media. In my opinion, we are now genuinely moving into a time the historical precedent of which is best described by citing Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Russia.”

Watch the five minute Orwell’s Obama  below. The first is 2D, followed by the 3D version, which is best viewed with 3D Anaglyphic Red and Cyan glasses. Get out the popcorn!

Orwell’s Obama 3D Anaglyphic Red and Cyan:


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