Oprah Says “Child Molesters Make Children Feel Good”

Don’t let celebrities make you shift what you feel is wrong

(Infowars) – When will humanity begin seeing these billionaire celebrities for who they really are?

Flashback: Oprah Leads BLM Ransom Summit With List Of Demands For America

Oprah is leading a two-day televised racial summit on behalf of Black Lives Matter to lay out the radical organization’s list of demands moving forward following almost two weeks of nationwide rioting over George Floyd’s death.

The event, called “Where Do We Go From Here?”, which aired Tuesday and will continue Wednesday, features over a dozen black social justice and far-left political figures, including failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms.

“I’ve been having private conversations with friends and thought leaders about what’s next and where we go from here,” Winfrey said last week in a statement. “I thought it would be both of interest and service to bring their ideas, concerns and comments into a national spotlight.”

In the promo, Oprah outlines questions she will pose to the guests, including “What matters now?”, “What do we want?” and “What are our demands?”

Demands? After weeks of rioting, looting, and destruction, this sounds more like a hostage situation than an honest “conversation” about racism.

“Systemic racism and the current state of America will be key topics of a discussion that aims to provide ‘important dialogue and helpful resources in this challenging time as we mourn the murder of George Floyd and ask ourselves how can we come together to create meaningful change,’ according to OWN [Oprah Winfrey Network] President Tina Perry,” the L.A. Times reported Tuesday.

Oprah’s BLM event airs across multiple channels like HGTV, ID, The Food Network, Discovery, and TLC.

Given the presence of multiple Democrat politicians and radical social justice figures, the event will likely promote divisive far-left issues like “white privilege,” Medicare For All, Green New Deal, overthrowing capitalism, and defunding the police nationwide.

Watch Part 1 & 2 for yourself below:



  1. Oprah Says “Child Molesters Make Children Feel Good” I think not! But then again, she is probably trying to excuse herself.

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  3. If there is systematic racism (which I doubt) it is on the part of ignoramuses like Oprah and the Obamas. Let’s talk about Black supremacy. 1) Name me one civilized society the blacks have ever had. Please don’t tell me Egypt – Egypt by and large was not Black. They had one black dynasty and during that time, the country was nearly ruined. 2) Affirmative Action – hire people because of race, not because they fit the requirements of the job best or are the hardest workers. 3) Let them into college – even though they can’t pass the entrance exams. On top of that let them pay about 1/2 much as the Whites and Asians. 4) Don’t bother to prosecute them when they commit a crime. 5) By proportion, more whites are killed by the police than blacks. 5) Percentage wise – more police officers (of any race) are killed by blacks.
    Oprah is just spreading racism and excusing it. She is a racist herself. She doesn’t want an honest discussion – she wants to destroy this country. Anybody who listens to her, doesn’t have a brain in his/her head.

    • Excellent points. America is being lied to and propagandize beyond all reason.
      Thank you for standing up.



  5. As all American Patriots already knew, Oprah is completely full of Communist Democrap Shiite!!! “Child molesters make children feel good”?!!! You can now see where this gigantic P.O.S., Winfrey, comes from! Winfrey is a SORRY EXCUSE for a human being!

  6. watch opra’s early shows you can see she is a racists who has a disdain for white people. she also used to pimp young actresses to Weinstein. she’s a major hypocrite. “thought leader” wtf???
    another left wing asinine term. the radical blacks are doing more to stoke the fires of racism than any white person. truley a sad day when a billionaire is seeking to destroy the very country that gave her the opportunity to become a billionaire. she is committing treason by aiding and abetting the marxists seeking the overthrow the US government.


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