Oops! Adam Schiff Accidentally Leaks Name Of Anti-Trump ‘Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella In Bill Taylor’s Transcript!

(Gateway Pundit) – Oops! The anti-Trump “whistleblower’s” attorneys are threatening ANYONE who releases the name of their client Eric Ciaramella to the public.

But does that include shifty Adam Schiff?

Bennie Johnson posted an amazing find from the Bill Taylor transcript that was released on Wednesday.

Adam Schiff and his staff did not redact the name of their close buddy Eric Ciaramella!

It’s on page 236.

Here is Benny Johnson’s tweet.

Adam Schiff must have caught the error and has now pulled the transcript from the House website.

However, NBC and other news outlets still have the PDF up with Ciaramella’s name in the PDF on page 236.

So NBC and other media outlets have finally outed the fake “whistleblower”!!

Schiff’s press release on the house website, with a link to the original transcript and a link to Schiff’s summary, is still up, but the full transcript is not.



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