On Thanksgiving Day, Ilhan Omar Posts Video Of Her Preaching Islam From Altar In Church, Gives Thanks To Allah And Progressive Movement

(Gateway Pundit) – Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) posted video on Thanksgiving Day of her preaching Islam from the altar of a church decorated for Christmas as a priest sits nearby.

In her message posted along with the video, the recently divorced Omar, who was accused this year of having an adulterous affair with her well-paid campaign vendor by the vendor’s wife, thanks the Islamic god Allah for the opportunity to have a “wonderful love in my life”. Omar also gives thanks for the Progressive Movement.

Apparently there is no Thanksgiving message from Omar posted to either her Congressional or personal Twitter accounts, nor her Instagram, Facebook or House pages. Last year Omar posted a Thanksgiving statement on Facebook that focused on the melting pot vision of America.

The church video was posted to her personal Twitter account. Omar did not identify the church where she spoke. Some observers believe it to be a Catholic church.

“Alhamdullilah for the opportunity to serve my constituents, to care for my children and have a wonderful love in my life. This is a prayer a read on the start of Congress and feel grounded in its blessings. Thank you all for standing with me and for our progressive movement!”

Alhamdullilah means “praise be to Allah” in Arabic.

Text of Omar’s Islamic prayer in church:

Allah, put courage into my heart, and take away all that may hinder me in serving you. Free my tongue to proclaim your goodness, that all may understand me.

Give me friends to advise and help me, that by working together our efforts may bear abundant fruit. And, above all, let me constantly remember that my actions are worthless unless they are guided by your hand.

Allah, may everything that I do start well and finish well. Sustain me with your power. And in your power let me drive away (all falsehood, ensuring that truth may always triumph.)



  1. This church needs a wake up call. Probably thinking that being open minded and accepting is evidence of love. And while this sentiment might be so in other circumstances, to allow someone that worships a religion or God whose purpose is to destroy America, the infidel, the evidence shown from this church is foolishness & spiritual carelessness. When we come together at a church service, it is to worship God, a time of honoring Him and thanking Him for all of His blessings, it is not a time to introduce and worship Allah by a woman that has proven to be an enemy of our Judeo-Christian values. I think of those who groomed Ilhan Omar to infiltrate our country, introducing Islam as a way of life, how pleased they are that so many Americans are so naive & blind to what is going on right under their noses. But that’s a rant for another day.


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