OMG! Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson Said Trump Had Zelensky’s Daughter “In The Basement Duck Taped” (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – The House Judiciary Committee began to markup impeachment articles and held another hearing on Thursday.

Hank Johnson, the Democrat village idiot who previously claimed Guam would capsize and tip over, said Trump should be impeached for *checks notes* being taller than Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Colleague from Georgia talks about how Democrats are trying to make Zelensky look weak. Well, I’ll tell you. That brings to mind the picture of President Trump and President Zelensky meeting in New York in September at the UN — and a big chair for President Trump — a little chair for President Zelensky,” Hank Johnson said.

Above: Trump and Zelensky sitting in identical chairs

Johnson continued, “Big, 6’4″ President Trump and 5′ 11″ Mr. Zelensky.”

But he wasn’t done.

“And they’re standing there and President Trump is holding court and he says oh by the way, ‘no quid pro quo, no pressure’ and you saw President Zelensky shaking his head as if his daughter was downstairs in the basement duct-taped.”

This is the Democrat impeachment show trial playing out in real time. Let that sink in.



  1. Stop impeachment of President Trump and remove Pelosi, Nader, And Schiff from office. Term limits enforced please! We the people elected president Donald J. Trump. Democrates need to grow up!

  2. I agree!!
    Stop wasting my taxpayer dollars!
    Get back to the work for U S Citizens that you are being paid to do.
    You’ve heard the expression
    “Sour Grapes”?!?
    You sore losers!!!
    Get over it!!! You lost the 2016 Election!!!
    Stop this nonsensical Impeachment Process & get your
    honeys back to work!!!
    A Legitimate US Naturalized
    Citizen Born & Raised in the
    United States if America,
    Jean Marie Luck-Rodriguez

  3. How did this ludicrous butt-hole ever get elected to Congress? I wouldn’t allow such a idiotic moron to do anything that required intelligence. He obviously has none and has no hope of ever having any. Ignorance personified.

  4. Hank Johnson-making statements about Mr. Trump could get you some time as a civilian out of congress and also having the government watching over you–as a subject in anti american. Johnson where was you born–Africa or some where outside the USA–Because you sound like a person who is trying to overthrow my country.

  5. Is “Saturday Night Live” looking for more material for a skit? It is probably not their view of politics, but still–

  6. Two perfect pictures. Johnson next to a corpse, or maybe just a Congressman sleeping. And the second is Capsize sitting in front of that Berke guy. You might have thought Berke would put his hand on Hanks shoulder to shut him up. This guy is as dumb as a box of rocks.

  7. In the last picture, the snapshot of the video, the representative next to him is asleep! Not sure whether I find that hilarious or disturbing.

  8. The Democrats at both the federal,state, and city levels have gone completely insane, I have never seen a political party so out of control.
    Democrats its very simple, You lost the presidential election., Hillary was a terrible candidate, SHE LOST get over it, The presidents policies are working, The country is recovering from the Policies of Barack Obama and George Bush, If you dont like our current president, Then find a candidate to run for president that can defeat him, Stop the investigations and nonsense impeachment, Take care of the business the american people elected you to do, You have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on investigations that have gone nowhere and proven nothing except that you have so much hatred for the president that you can no longer function,WHY WOULD THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TRUST YOU ANY LONGER? Democrats its time to regain the american peoples trust, You have a tremndous job in regaining their trust its time to get started. STOP THE NONESENSE.


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