Oklahoma Police Officer Given Starbucks Coffee Labeled ‘Pig’

(Breitbart) – Kiefer Police Chief Johnny O’Mara says when one of his officers went to pick up a Starbucks coffee, he received five cups labeled “Pig.”

“This is what he gets for being nice,” O’Mara wrote in Facebook post on Thanksgiving Day. “What irks me is the absolute and total disrespect for a police officer who, instead of being home with family and enjoying a meal and a football game, is patrolling his little town,” the chief said, continuing:

This cup of coffee for a ‘pig’ is just another little flag. It’s another tiny symptom and a nearly indiscernible shout from a contemptuous, roaring and riotous segment of a misanthropic society that vilifies those who stand for what’s right and glorifies the very people who would usher in the destruction of the social fabric. It’s another tiny pinprick into the heart of men and women who are asking themselves more often: ‘Why am I doing this?’

“Just dealing with – when we’re dealing every day with anybody – a little courtesy goes a long way,” he concluded. The unidentified Starbucks employee later called to apologize, claiming it was a joke between them and a co-worker. Nevertheless, Starbucks has confirmed through a corporate spokesperson the employee has been suspended, and the company has launched an investigation:

This is absolutely unacceptable, and we are deeply sorry to the law enforcement officer who experienced this. We have also apologized directly to him and are working to connect with the police chief as well to express our remorse.

The barista has been suspended pending the outcome of our investigation into this matter. This language is offensive to all law enforcement and is not representative of the deep appreciation we have for police officers who work to keep our communities safe.

To a similar statement replying to his original post, O’Mara offered a pragmatic outline, along with hope for resolution:

Starbucks, You’re a corporation trying to sell a product. I’m certain you don’t condone this kind of juvenile activity. The employee made an unfortunate decision which, in turn, negatively effects your company’s image. I appreciate you reaching out to my officer and I also appreciate the employee reaching out and apologizing on her own. Our society needs a touch of old fashioned civility restored. Maybe we could use this bad event and convert it into something better.

All told, O’Mara does not appear to harbor any lingering hostility toward the international franchise. When asked what response he would like from the company, he explained: “It’s not Starbucks. It’s on the individual level. There needs to be a little bit more decency in the world. There needs to be a little bit more common sense from people.”

Video: Starbucks employee suspended after printing ‘PIG’ on an Oklahoma officer’s cup



  1. This is not the first (or second or tenth) time this has happened at a Starbucks. Starbucks is a liberal company who supports anti police groups. This is Starbucks fault for the culture that has been created by the company itself not just the stupid actions of a i really dont want to work moron. Make your own coffee and avoid spending 6 bucks for a 2 dollar item.

  2. PIG was a common insult used against us in the 1960s and 1970s. We turned it around and made it “PRIDE, INTEGRITY, & GUTS”.

    Believe it or not, COPs cave a sense of humor….

    One day on patrol near a school, we pulled up to a stop sign just as a large group of middle school students were on their way home. Needless to say, they took their time crossing the street and thus blocking our path. Of course, we might have turned on the lights and siren and made our way through, but we sat there. Then one young lady left the crosswalk and came up to the driver side of our vehicle, stuck her head inside, went “sniff sniff! I smell BACON!” then she returned to the crosswalk and continued on her way. My partner (the driver) and I were laughing so hard that even when the crosswalk cleared we could not proceed.

  3. OK, Take a deep breath. The girl apologized, as she should have. But, I really like the idea of setting things “right.” Some one mentioned telling the girl to do a ride along, that would be very instructive and by making a personal connection she may actually learn something. Two, the Starbucks should invite the police in town to stop by for a free cup of coffee for the next month… and instruct the employees how to label the drinks. Pride, Integrity, Guts would be fine. Let everyone be reminded of why we are civil to each other. Starbucks has “sensitivity training” for every group in the world. Clearly, they should consider the police as a group. And, David I am truly sorry that your experience in life is what it was with racism. But, in truth you are also one with the power to change the world. My neighbor CEO at a small company, is black, he drives a BMW 760 and says would get pulled over once or twice a year for “driving while black”, maybe in part because it is a $100,000 plus car. His approach is before the officer can get out of his car he puts his wallet on the dash and both hands at the top of the steering wheel. I told him that is just wrong. But he said, yea but I never have a REAL problem that way. We have a policeman assigned to our neighborhood through a local program. He shows up at block parties, HOA meetings, and other times. We all got to know him. He got to know us. Problems just seemed to fade away with that connection between the police and the community… the girl defiantly needs a ride-along.

    • I’m an Oklahoman & proud & I’m definitely not an idiot! there are IDIOTS in every city, state, country & EVERY FAMILY! we have many wonderful police officers in Oklahoma but as in every place there are some bad people! I hope this franchise owner has some employee training on customer service. if I’d been that person’s boss she would have been fired!

  4. Starbucks should require their employees to spend an evening riding with a police officer in the front seat. It is a learning experience. Just like punks kids are sent to prison for a day like on Scared Straight. It wakes them up to face reality.

  5. starbucks NEEDS to boycotted for their and their employees treatment of police officers and other good groups of people…Save some money and calories and stand up for officers who serve and protect ALL of us..

  6. I usually enjoy most of the comments since I am one of the few black republican that support trump.

    But this view today I can not support. While serving by country 27 years I have been harass and judge by may cop because of my race and not for my character.

    Do I agree with writing pig on a cup of coffee, no. But to make laws in retaliation for what some says or write goes down the dark road of socialism. Many cops have disrespected the people they are supposed to serve and protect over the last 100 plus years.

    So why should the people they abused trust them after media exposure brings light to the issues. 4 or 5 years is not even close to 100 years.

    Even in the Bible The Almighty required compensation for crime against others. So instead punishing twice as hard for breaking the laws they get lighter sentences then other criminals. Justice can be blind but it must always be fair. Trust and respect come hand in hand and it go’s both ways.

    Instead of condemning the act, try listing and find out why the other side feels that way. And what can be done to repair to relationship and rebuild the bridge of trust again.

    The one with the power, but always be the first to attempt to rebuild. Example of the failures of the ones in power can be seen throughout our history the Boston tea party, and the shot heard around the world.

    The British failure to see the other sides result in birth of this great nation. So stop attempting to divide our nation and come up with solutions to bring us together like America First.

    • Hi David,
      I did not see fr the calling of any law to be made in this article David. As far as making such a law, it would not be allowed because our Constitution allows and protects out right to free speech. This is why I get upset as we now have certain words that only the first letter can be used as it is so offensive. As a child my mother would always tell me, when I came home upset and crying, over being called names that “Sticks and stones would break my bones but names will never hurt me”. We need to drop all this politically correctness and get back to real world living. As the late Allen Funt, of Candid Camera fame, used to say after his shown was closing. “We need to laugh at our selves more”.

  7. Put the pos barista on a cell with hardened criminals for a year! All people that disrespect police officers can eat crap and die!

  8. The person that printed the word pig on this officers receipt would not hesitate to call him if they were in danger, and needed him to come to their rescue. Starbucks should give this employee two options Either apologize in person to this officer or be terminated.


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