O’Keefe Taunts 2020 Democrats: ‘Stay Tuned… First Bombshell Tape Is Going To Drop This Week’

(Gateway Pundit) – Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe taunted Democrats on Sunday and revealed he will be releasing the ‘first bombshell tape’ of the 2020 election this week.

“You aren’t going to want to miss what we expose in 2020,” O’Keefe said reminding Americans that his undercover videos exposed “bird dogging” and other schemes cooked up by the Democrats to start fights at Trump’s rallies in 2016.

Will O’Keefe’s first drop expose Socialist Bernie Sanders?

“Stay tuned everyone. Something very big is going to happen.” O’Keefe said tweeting over President Trump’s tweet about Bernie Sanders.

“The first bombshell tape is going to drop this week,” he added.

Flashback: Video: HIDDEN CAM – NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, “They Bus People Around to Vote”



  1. “Are you sure your a Democrat?”
    “I’m only telling you this.”

    Want to bet? He is on his way out of his voter commissioner job for sure.

  2. The one big problem people are failing to recognize is the disturbing belief that the dumbocrats hate this country as founded. The reason being that they are pissed because they had no say in the establishment and the framing of the constitution. If don’t have a say in the rule of order they will rant and rave non stop until they get their way. Their belief is that the country needs to be destroyed so that they can reestablish this country as their own. And it will be a country that nobody will want to live in. This is their ultimate goal. Just look at how they act, what they say, what they believe about equality. This nonstop attacking of anything they disagree with will not stop, even loosing the 2020 election will only give them more ammunition to came after us. This hatred will not stop until it is confronted and dealt with, dealt with on a firm basis. These dumbocrats have no soul or conscious.

  3. The people that should be stopping this from happening are the ones that are making it happen. Sort of like having the fox guard the chicken coup.

  4. In a hidden video tape of Clinton’s field operations manager he bragged of paying people to go to Trump rallies in 2016 to start trouble. He said he also paid mentally ill people in that group to start the fights. The video was only shown on Fox. Three days after it was aired the guy quit his position. The video remained hidden but the mainstream media did mention that he had resigned; without saying why.


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