“Off The Record Discussion” – Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Admits He Spoke With A Foreign Leader Two Weeks Ago (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – It’s time for the FBI to open up a counter-intelligence investigation and obtain FISA warrants on Joe Biden and his associates — those are the rules, right?

Biden on Wednesday admitted during an interview with NBC that he spoke with a foreign leader two weeks ago.

After the reporter pressed Biden for more information, he quickly clammed up and refused to divulge any details.

“With regard to speaking to foreign leaders, I haven’t spoke with a foreign leader in the last — uh, probably two weeks,” said Biden.

The reporter pressed Biden for more details.

“Who was the last foreign leader that you spoke with? Did you talk about Coronavirus at all?”

Biden clammed up, “I talked about how it affected their country but no — I – I’m not gonna — it was an off the record discussion that I had so I’m not gonna indicate who.”

Hmmm who could have China Joe spoken to?



Tom Fitton blasted Biden.



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