Obama’s worst nightmare about to come true

January 21, 2014 8:47 am  

General proposes to unite tea parties

(Tea Party) – Tea Partiers are calling it the Obama’s worst nightmare and this is one nightmare that is about come true. Retired Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely just unveiled a plan to unite the tea party into one consolidated army, vast in size, in order to turn America back to its Constitutional foundation.  Vallely is chairman of Stand Up America.

Speaking at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention, Vallely said:


“We’re in a battle for America. We must save America and today we’re going to do it.”  “America is at a crossroads, and it’s up to us to take the right road and get this country back again. We’ve got to do it. We’ve got to stand up.”

Vallely has been calling for the removal of those who usurp the Constitution from office. In recent weeks he has also called for a parliamentary-style vote of “no-confidence” in the Obama administration.

Although a vote of “no-confidence” is not legally binding, it sends a clear warning shot to Obama and his administration by stating that Congress believes Obama as violated his oath of office.

The American people are frustrated, says Vallely. Their frustration grows from the lack of leadership by those who claim to be loyal to the Constitution and conservative values.

“The tea-party people are looking for leadership,” he said. “The next level is where do we go with the tea party?”

Vallely saw the need for more solidified leadership and sought out feedback from the many tea party groups nationwide. His goal is to unite all of the tea parties by integrating them into what would be a highly coordinated and focused plan of attack. Their goal is to take back America from the far left ideology so strongly touted by Obama.

One of the strategic moves Vallely intends to make is to take control of the language that is often used to seer conservatives and Republicans. Vallely would have candidates run as an American first and foremost.

“We want candidates to run as an American first before being a Republican American or a Democrat,” explained the Major General. “We know that in the end they’re going to have to get on either the Republican or Democrat tickets, but we want to ask each candidate to run as an American before they run as a Republican, Democrat or independent. And then say as an American this is what I stand for.”

“There is an appeal if I tell you that I’m running as an American before anything else and I stand for the Constitution, that I have values, I have traditions, I have faith, I love all of those things and that’s what I’m going to run on,” explained Vallely. “This whole concept of running against an American and not even mention Democratic Party/Republican Party is very powerful.”

Changing the dialogue is also part of Vallely’s plan. He is calling for the moving away from hyphenated labels that have a tendency to create division. “We’ve got to change the dialogue. So anytime someone tries to identify you as a white, black, or Hispanic or brown set him straight. I am interfacing and working with you as an individual.”

These thoughts echo those of “the Duke”—John Wayne—a great American in his time. In the album, “America: Why I Love Her,” there is a track called “The Hyphen,” which keenly says:  “When a man calls himself an Afro-American, a Mexican-American, Italian-American, an Irish-American, Jewish-American, what he is saying is I’m a divided American.”

By all accounts Vallely’s plan is very formidable. However, there are plans in the works by the Retired Maj. Gen. that pale in comparison to what is the most ambitious, powerful plan yet:  unite the tea party under one common leadership.

Under Vallely’s plan an organization would be created that allows the tea party groups across the country to maintain their separate identities but with a newly formed leadership council that would help the organizations speak in one unified voice. Explained Vallely:

“What we are recommending is after receiving a lot of feedback and talking to people is forming the American Provisional Leadership Council.” “It will work with all the tea parties to be a voice in Washington, D.C., to direct the government on what they need to do. So we have a common voice.”

The leadership council would serve to provide a tool for tea parties to go on the offensive this year. Vallely explained, however, that this is not an attempt to force the various tea party groups to submit to the leadership council.

Under the plan the there would be at least 8 people who possess “common sense wisdom” sitting on the council. These people would come from all walks of life—seniors, military officers, corporate executives and others.

Said Vallely, “They will work in unison with all the tea parties, and we will be a voice to be reckoned with.”

Stay tuned for further developments.

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