Obama’s Highly Successful Jobs Program: The Booming “Hired Mob” Industry

July 11, 2018 11:07 am  

(TeaParty.org) – Most on the right will say that Obama’s legacy has been reduced to nothing.

The Iran deal is gone. All of his executive orders overturned. Obama care is a smoking pile of rubble. His SCOTUS picks will soon be outnumbered. The deep state is even imploding.

But one commentator is arguing that he had a highly successful jobs program we rarely give him credit for: it was during his tenure that the “hired mob” industry, the jobs created by wealthy elitists hiring paid protesters to reduce major American cities into chaos to fuel the leftist mainstream media narrative and create a racial and ideological divide in our nation never before witnessed in recent memory.

That’s right–Obama created jobs for his own little version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts: fascist, violent mobs ready to protest anything for a few quick bucks.

Freedom Outpost’s Tony Elliot writes that “As protesters waited at locations across the country for President Trump to announce his nomination for Supreme Court Justice, many on social media were saying these people needed to simply, get a job. It is surprising to see that a good number of people believe these protesters are average citizens either taking time off work or are unemployed and just have the time to go out and protest.”

“Those of us, who have followed politics for many years, however, know that to today’s US protesters, this is their job. Unlike past street demonstrators of the 1960s and 1970s, who’d gathered to protest the Vietnam War and the US government based solely on their strong beliefs, today’s public displays of violence and civil unrest are totally carried out by well-organized businesses that have thousands of members and hire people as professional protesters. Thus, we have a massive employment sector of individuals who wake up every morning and prepare to go to work in their profession as protesters, just like the rest of us who do the same at our legitimate jobs.”

He explains that it’s been well-established that Obama and Soros have been directly behind the rise of these hired mobs.

“Since Organizing For Action is the literal corporate headquarters from which all other splinter protest groups like BLM and ANTIFA are a part, we see that literally over a million people are employed in the protest industry. Since Barack Obama founded OFA, along with financing from George Soros, we know who is the president of the company and where it gets its money,” he explains, “In a way, Obama was right in saying he created all the jobs he claimed he did. He did so by creating a totally new industry in America: the business of political protesting.”

Not surprising–it looks like Obama’s ultimate legacy may be the violent mob action that sparks the next Civil War.


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