Obama Lashes Out At “TrumpCare”, Urges Dems “Don’t Rescue” Republicans

January 4, 2017 12:51 pm  

(Zero Hedge) – The smooth transition appears to be getting bumpier. Following president-elect Trump’s earlier tweet on the “Obamacare disaster,” President Obama delivered a mandate to Democrats on Wednesday: “Don’t rescue” Republicans on Obamacare. With his legacy in tatters, CNN reports Obama also floated this idea: Start referring to the GOP’s new plan as “Trumpcare.”

Less than three weeks out from leaving the White House, Obama visited Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill with a mission to save his signature healthcare reform law as Republicans are moving quickly to unroll the Affordable Care Act.

In the closed-door meeting, the President urged fellow Democrats to not “rescue” Republicans by helping them pass replacement measures, according to sources in the room.

The feisty remarks from the outgoing President came as Republicans also huddled on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning to chart their path forward repealing Obamacare. Vice President-elect Mike Pence visited with GOP lawmakers in what became a morning of dueling meetings on Day Two of the new Congress.

Obama laid out the benefits of the Affordable Care Act in his meeting with Democrats, according to Rep. Maxine Waters, and argued that the country largely likes the law and that he has received countless letters thanking him for Obamacare.

Another lawmaker in the room said the mood among Democrats is “fired up.”

“In two weeks I will no longer be a politician, but I’ll still be a citizen. I envy you so much right now, because I would love to be on the field,” Obama said, according to the member.

It is clear that Democrats are pushing the narrative that whatever ‘breaks’ next in Obamacare be fully placed on the shoulders of Republicans and Trump.

As we detailed earlier, Obama might have some success in preserving at least parts of Obamacare: Trump has vowed to protect some popular parts of the Obamacare law, such as barring insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions. But he wants to replace it with a system that is “much better and much less expensive,” as he told Reuters on Oct. 25 after premium increases emerged in some healthcare markets.

A House Republican leadership aide said there are lots of Republican “ideas” but it was too early to know what will end up in replacement legislation.


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