Obama Has Trouble Hiding This Dirty Little Secret About His Involvement With Biden Campaign

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Former President Barack Obama is dead-set on returning the Deep State to power and control. Ever since President Trump won the 2016 election, Obama has been working from behind the scenes to undermine him.

The establishment of the corrupt Deep State has been his lasting legacy and, make no mistake about it, it has been incredibly impactful. Not in a good way, of course.

While he’s been scheming and plotting in the background, he likes to portray himself as some kind of unsung American hero, just doing what is right and necessary. It’s all a sham.

In a CBS interview that aired Sunday, Obama insisted that he really didn’t want to have to be on the campaign trail for Biden but that he had no choice.

“It is not my preference to be out there,” Obama said.

“We were in a circumstance in this election in which certain norms, certain institutional boundaries that are so extraordinarily important, had been breached,” he added. “It was important for me as somebody who has served in that office to simply let people know this is not normal.”

As usual Obama makes these serious sounding accusations against President Trump but fails to actually give any kind of evidence or examples of what he is referring to.

What supposed boundaries were “breached” by President Trump and his administration? The only ones that have been breaching boundaries were him, the Deep State, and the Democrats when they repeatedly broke the law in order to unseat the sitting President of the US.

Obama, in an effort to look like a really good guy, claimed earlier in the election cycle that he wanted to remain “neutral” throughout the process, of course that was a lie though he did refuse to endorse Joe Biden until he was literally the last man standing.

Though he did not endorse his former vice president during the primaries, in an effort to appear “neutral,” he went full-throttle when Biden became the Party’s nominee.

Obama’s interview with CBS was two-fold. He wanted to ensure that people still stay convinced that Biden won the election and that President Trump is out of line for questioning the results but he has a new book to promote.

His new book, a 768-page memoir titled “A Promised Land,” is set to be released November 17 and is the first installment in the two-part series. Obama’s first written work since leaving office should be categorized as fantasy and should not be taken seriously.

During the interview, Obama lamented that his wife, Michelle Obama, had “sort of” forgiven him for running for president since she, apparently, has a disdain for politics. Yet, that supposed disdain doesn’t stop her from getting in front of a camera any chance she can to disparage President Trump and conservatives.

Penguin Random House has reportedly paid Obama and his wife $65 million in advance for their memoirs.

His book, just like his legacy, will be nothing but propaganda meant to deceive millions of Americans. He has been the most effective con-artist this nation has ever seen and the irony is that is exactly who Obama is trying to convince us President Trump is.

Over 72 million Americans see the truth.

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  1. Obama told an aide “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to F*ck things up.” He never wanted Joe to run but was pressured to support him. I wonder what Joe had to promise him??? A seat on the Supreme court is my guess. I did not vote for Obama and couldn’t believe enough people did to put him in office twice. Probably illegitimate elections then to but people were afraid to contest it for fear of being called racist. IMHO he was NEVER a legitimate president.

  2. Obama,,,you are a lying corrupt bastard,,,,it is your need for the limelight that keeps you out in front of the media,,,,the world would be so much better without you ,,,your deep state bullshit is getting ready to be silenced,,,,your involvement with Soros and your racial hatred for white people has gotten you to a point where you and your wife are no longer relevant in a free republic,,,you believe that you can still run this government from your deep state but I have some news for you,,,your support of BLM and Antifa is about ready to come crashing down around your ugly head,,,it will be a sweet goodbye to your interference in the government,,, you were a waste as a President and your presence is no longer needed or wanted!!!!!

  3. Hussein Obama didn’t win Liar of the Year twice for twice nothing folks . He is actually quite good at misleading ( lying thru his teeth ) his base of liberal filth .

    That’s why the dems propped him up .

    • As Sidney Powell stated the truth, ““There has been a massive and coordinated effort to steal this election from we the people of the United States of America,. . .”

      The democrats have been stealing from the American Citizen since the American revolution and they chose to keep other people as slaves. Now they have worked their way up to keeping the entire country’s population as their slaves. We are continually locked down as they ignore for themselves the unconstitutional mandates they pronounce for us. Can we find a desert island onto which we can deposit these twerps?
      \Now I her that they want to give the department of education to the group that undermines our children’s education. I know. I was a teacher for 35 years and the union did and now does nothing for the children and maybe even less for the teacher’s ability to function and teach. The teacher’s union functions only for a political money source for advocates of corrupt governance.

    • Miller , my was wife taught also but it’s non union here in Virginia ..for now at least. Unions as you know quite well tend to intimidate, or force at will their agenda.
      Dems support unions ,unions support dems is enough evidence and proof they only support themselves … you know just like Ohomo ,the worst president ever ?

  4. this fpos should be under arrest along with the rest of his crime family… too bad our ” justice system” is so corrupted other wise he would be doing hard time.

    • He’s your hero low iq, one lying sob ,worthless piece of trash . Makes you feel good listening to his lies huh queer ?

    • low iq….people like you elected the Kenyan….TWICE !! Do you worship your Hussein poster, holding it up oh-so-lovingly with your left hand while your right hand is “getting busy with it” ???

  5. Again let us look at the consistent history of the democrat’s value of their word. Obama set the standard to blame others of what you are doing. The democrats blame others for what they are doing and Obama set the standard high for being false and painting others with that is in his wicked democratic heart.

  6. Obama, like Biden, is an unprincipled jerk. He came out of the Chicago crime family (I used to live in Illinois, even back in the 80’s the politicians were as crocked as they gangsters they so much admire. However, if you hold members of organized crime up as heroes, I guess that is what you get. Don’t believe me, I can understand that – but they don’t call it the windy city because of the weather! Try living there for a few years and you’ll be absolutely disgusted.

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