Obama Family Christmas Card: No Mention of Christ or Christmas

December 23, 2013 11:15 am  

Is the “war on Christmas” really an invention of the paranoid right wing?

(Info Wars) – The Obama family Christmas card contains no mention of Christ or Christmas in yet another example of how politically correct sensitivities have eclipsed common sense.

It’s not like we were expecting Obama to wish Americans a “Merry Christmas,” such a thought crime would not have gone unpunished amongst leftist authoritarians, but you would have at least hoped to see a Christmas tree or some token trace of Christian symbolism.


The inside of the card is virtually colorless and features a pop-up image of an empty White House with two dogs outside. The card is signed by POTUS, FLOTUS, the Obama daughters and includes paw prints representing Sunny and Bo.

“As we gather around this season, may the warmth and joy of the holidays fill your home,” the card reads. It contains nothing whatsoever indicative of a Christian festival, nor even one of the more modern representations of Christmas such as Santa Claus.

The front of the card shows an image of a dog sat next to a fire. Ribbons surround the fireplace and there’s a handful of gifts on a table. It’s hardly a Christmas parade.

Liberals often to try satirize the so-called “war on Christmas” as an invention of the paranoid right-wing, but when the President of the United States puts out a Christmas card that deliberately expunges any mention of Christmas from its design, how do they expect people to react?

Is Obama deliberately trying to anger his political adversaries? Would his supporters and ethnic minorities really have been so offended by a single reference to Christmas by its actual name?

Obama Family Christmas Card: No Mention of Christ or Christmas

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