OANN Reporter Admits They’ve Seen Hunter Biden Sex Video And It’s Even More Disgusting Than You Think

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Hunter Biden, son of current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been having a very, very bad week. A report came out in the New York Post containing emails, messages, photos, and the topic of the rest of this piece, a deplorable sex tape, that clearly demonstrates that the younger Biden is both deeply troubled and the product of an incredibly corrupt family.

The messages and emails were taken off of a laptop hard drive and imply that Joe Biden met with an executive from Burisma Holdings, a company that his son also sat on the board for, and less than a year later pressured the Ukrainian government into getting rid of a prosecutor who launched an investigation into the company.

According to Gateway Pundit, One America New Network reporter Chanel Rion recently posted a tweet saying she watched the video of Hunter Biden, and folks, it’s way more gross and vomit-inducing than you already probably thought it was.

Rion said, “Hunter makes Anthony Weiner’s down under selfie addiction look normal.”

Yikes. Just…what does one say to that? Seriously? Weiner is pretty deplorable and gross in every way you can imagine. To think there could be someone who exists on this earth who is even worse than he is and still somehow isn’t behind bars is sickening.

Weiner hit on young girls, a lot, and has paid the price for it. The punishment still isn’t good enough though. He definitely deserved worse.

Some of the other revelations that have come out as a result of the laptop being harvested has to do with a potential money distribution scheme between Joe Biden and other members of his family, especially Hunter. It seems that Joe, often referred to by the Biden family as “pop,” gets a 50 percent cut of their salaries. One theory about this says that the reason Biden takes a cut is because he is the one selling political favors that makes these salaries possible in the first place. We have a pretty good idea that the elder Biden has used the power of the vice presidency to help bail out Hunter on numerous occasions, including the whole Ukrainian company deal.

How much corruption is actually under the surface of this family? Who knows. But these messages reveal that there is indeed a dark underbelly to the Bidens. Are they as bad as the Clintons? Probably not. The Clintons have set a pretty low bar, what with befriending pedophile human traffickers and all. But still, corruption and abuse of power are nothing to sneeze at.

There’s a long, long list of reasons why this man should not be sitting in the White House. Emails like those from Hunter and the messages found on that laptop are simply the icing on the cake.

Here’s to hoping for four more years for Trump so we don’t have to watch Joe Biden use his political clout to help make himself and his family wealthy.

Featured image credit: New York Post

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  4. Two of Hunter Biden’s “business” partners have been convicted and are a bit miffed to be going to jail and Hunter is free so they released 25,000 emails that were on their lap top, all of which confirm the emails on Hunter’s lap top are authentic . Hunter and Joe Biden should be handcuffed and be waling into a holding cell right now, but they are still out and Joe is still scamming the empty heads that have values built out of sand.

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  8. God help us if the bozo and bozette are elected, the bozette will be coming for your guns and the bozo and his family will be coming for your money and your kids. That’s how a degenerate family works.

  9. What is going on with Google which is telling me I can not reach the conservative news sites approximately 9 out of 10 times? They just tell me that Google cannot reach this site. This has been going on for the past few weeks and is increasing in frequency. I can not understand how people such as the man interviewed on Fox this morning living in San Fransisco can reveal publicly that his brain has been turned upside down inside his head as he blames President Trump for not doing enough to ‘cure’ the pandemic.

    Truth makes people free. The tech companies have been feeding false , slanted, misrepresented facts for so long that the Citizens are willing to elect a mentally declining former VP who heads a pay for play scheme as president who overtly declares HE WILL NOT ADHERE TO OUR LAWS making it a close decision?

    I was a teacher, hired to teach the scope and sequence of skills and knowledge out lined by the Department of Education. l would have been fired if I announced that I did not intend to teach the requirements, but would take the position intending to teach something I believed was important. I have a plumber coming Thursday to do some work to our failing water system. I would be a fool to accept the plumber telling me that he has other ideas of what should be done.

    We are fools as American Citizens to accept as a candidate for office anyone who is not willing to conscientiously follow and adhere to the laws of our society.

    The democratic clowns on the committee that is questioning the candidate for the Supreme Court are asking questions as to whether this person will faithfully adhere to their interpretation of what the Constitution means. We and congress would be fools if they approve of someone who declares they will not administer the law .

    Congress over and over again, along with candidates such as Biden and Harris, have made it cleat that they WILL NOT administer the laws, but will ignore the laws that protect us from rogue government administration erasing the protections from such foulness of character found in many of the people in government.

    It comes to light that many of these people who intend to take office intend to govern following the Obama example which is to ignore the laws they themselves do not agree with, but to follow their own ideas and want court cases determined with a perspective of ever changing law meaning. This is called an activist determination of law. That is like having a activist umpire to umpire sports without any standard of making judgements. Judgements would be based on an ever moving standard dependent on the view point of the umpire. This would not be tolerated and neither should we tolerate the twisting of facts or laws to fit the powers that are manipulating the information as our news and information is being manipulated to the point that the President is blamed for all the ills.

    Have we been so duped and mislead for so long via an ever increasing slant on information that we do not know and cannot recognize truth. If not, than there is no chance that we will be free.

  10. No mention from fake news about this or the other corrupt moves of this crime family. I wonder what job hunter will get if senile gets elected?


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    • This new evidence on Biden’s and Obama’s crimes only reinforces the typical democrat voter choices .. They prefer a 47 year career criminal as their leader .

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  14. What an image!!! As the son of the one-time second most powerful man in the world, now aiming for position no. 1 this photo alone should raise very serious questions. Hunter Biden must hate his father and even more hate being the son of VP of the USA. He seems to make absolutely NO effort of a positive nature on the political stage. Of course he learned what he lived.

  15. FOLKS its hard to feel sorry for someone that had every opportunity to be a successful citizen someone that could have contributed to society in a positive way. Its sad to see anyone even HUNTER BIDEN destroy their lives over drug use
    but this does not excuse his behavior and his activities and Joe Bidens activities need to be investigated and if the evidence is uncovered they need to be prosecuted. The problem is will the DOJ even bother to look into all this short answer PROBABLY NOT, and its for sure it will be covered up if GOD FORBID Biden wins the election all this will go away never to be heard of again. There is no doubt about why the American people have become so cynical and doubtful
    The BIDENS have a lot of questions to answer and its very doubtful the mainstream news media will ever ask.

  16. What happened to tax evasion for the cut Joe Biden received and the idea of money laundering so no one knows what is going on with their pay for play with our country being the merchandise that is being sold?

    • There seem to be a double standard in our country. If you happen to be a Democrat or you are related to a Democrat Politician , you will be protected by the media and the legal system. Both Hunter and his father should probably be in prison , but , it will never happen. (BECAUSE OF WHO THEY ARE )

  17. Hussein Ohomo smokes weed with his daughters, guess Biden must be smoking crack with his beloved son Hunter Biden .
    The drug abuse is understandable, the corruption… not so much . It seems there is a separate standard when it comes to Ohomo’s party of derelicts and criminals doesn’t it folks ?

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  22. bet he wont run for political office, oh wait politicians dont have to take random drug/alcohol tests like most Americans do to work at fast food or driving a truck so all he has to do is lie and say i dont inhale anymore

    • I don’t know about that Don .. you know today’s progressive liberal trash in our society can nominate any criminal to public office. Perfect examples, Ohomo, Hillary and now another criminal Joe Biden ..
      Apparently there’s plenty of choices in the democrats party and criminality is desired choice obviously.


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