NY Times Absolutely Butchers Democrats For Blocking COVID-19 Economic Stimulus — Then Quickly Changes Their Headline

(Gateway Pundit) – You don’t see this much honesty in The New York Times these days…

The New York Times butchered Democrats for blocking the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus bill in a stunning headline on Sunday night.

Of course, this was not going to stand.

The Times quickly changed their headline..

“Democrats block action on stimulus plan, seeking worker protections”

But that wasn’t good enough so they changed it again.

“Partisan Divide Threatens deal on rescue bill”

And then The New York Times, by the end of the night, tweeted out this…

New Headline: “Emergency Economic Rescue Plan in Limbo as Democrats Block Action”

Someone is in big, big trouble tonight.



  1. The New York Slimes is at it again! BTW, their actual name is PRAVDA in the United States! They are one of the biggest LYING PROPAGANDA RAGS IN THE WORLD! Their staff are nothing but Communist shills and are the scum of the earth!

  2. Well the Dems I am sure are behind this virus by encouraging Chicom to release the virus promising that when they get in power they will drop the tariffs and give them sweetheart deals. They will do anything, including kill, to grab power and enforce their agenda!

  3. Many of the Senate have money already……. Give the Money to all of us that don’t have it all high and mighty like them….. Trump is alright in wanting the Bill passed!!!!!! Those Democrats keep thinking out of there Ass and they will end up having people causing more than Viruse…… Meaning people are struggling out here and now you got these simple Simmons Democrats causing a shit Storm soon……. Politics have money….. But us little people don’t……. You Care about American People Democrats?????? Then release the funds, and stop just thinking of yourselves All the time ….

  4. What is wrong with this site!? A good portion of what I post, never actually gets posted and then you guys beg for money using the same click bait over and over and clog up my emails with bs advertisements!

    • Little1 . . . I do not understand. I post some pretty rough stuff on this site and they have never failed to put it up.

  5. The so-called worker “protections” includes implementing key portions of the “green new deal”! It includes:

    $10k student loan forgiveness.
    Air line emission offsets and emission statics per flight.
    Bailing out the postal service.
    Mandatory early voting and same day voter registration.

    For any businesses receiving assistance it includes:

    $15 minimum wage.
    1/3 of the board elected by the workers.
    Paid time for collective bargaining.
    Corporate statistics by race and their pay.
    Retirement plans for community newspapers.
    Permanent PAID leave for employees.

    The Hill reported that Clyburn told colleagues, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

    I guess so! If the Republicans or trump cave to this it’s over.

  6. People need to understand “what” it is that the democrats were demanding. Here is a list of the so called “worker protections” from Tom Cotton via the Dailywire:

    “Corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards at companies receiving assistance.

    Bailing out all current debt of postal service.

    Required early voting.

    Required same day voter registration
    10k bailout for student loans.

    For companies accepting assistance, 1/3 of board members must be chosen by workers.

    Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining.

    Full offset of airline emissions by 2025
    Greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights.

    Retirement plans for community newspaper employees.

    $15 minimum wage at companies receiving assistance.

    Permanent paid leave at companies receiving assistance.

    The Hill reported that Clyburn told colleagues, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.””

    The Dems are using the corona virus to key pass portions of “the green new deal”, but are insisting that the Republicans are just out to help corporations and not the people. These people really personify the word “evil”.

  7. Trying to get solar and wind power issues as well as other social agenda items into an emergency spending bill shows the Dems only worry about election results and have little concern for the people of America. How this old lady elected in a tiny district in California has some much control suggests she has Edgar Hoover type pictures on other Dem leaders. Maybe she will catch the virus on her travels around her district including the homeless zone

  8. There is no Democrat party they became the communist party back when Franklin Roosevelt came to power as he was the first time in Istanbul the first giveaway the Hard-working people’s money and use it to prop yourself up as a good guy, when it was intentionally use for daemonic purpose is to destroy America which in the end it is because we the people stand by and allow it! If nothing else people stand up for all those who died that you may have the right to protect the rights the laid their lives down for!

  9. I wouldn’t even consider using the Time’s as toilet paper
    Don’t want it to touch my person
    It is a virus on its own
    Shameful cowardly inhuman crap

  10. I can see why Democrats are confused at this point. In 2008 President Bush called McCain & Obama off the campaign trail and had them stand beside him while he said to save the country from financial ruin he needed both parties to join together in bailing out the banks and the brokers. Both McCain and Obama felt screwed but the went along with it because all the experts said there was no choice. The bailout package became law while Bush was still in office; yet for 8 years Obama was blamed for it helping big businesses and not the people. If McCain had won, same thing would have happened to him.
    So the Democrats think they can win in November and don’t want to get screwed again. If the President was not running for re-election the Republican candidate would be feeling the same way. This bailout will be toxic to voters in 2 years, like the Bush bailout was and fir the same reason: it doesn’t help the voters enough.

  11. Pelosi wants to monitor all flights for emission yet she flies on government planes back and forth to her wonderful SF. Why doesn’t she just retire and enjoy the beauty of her city on foot.

  12. Drug abuse must be RAMPANT in the NYT press room under the current circumstances! Such blithering indecision can’t go unpunished (unrewarded?)!

  13. The only way to get rid of these political pieces of shit is TERM LIMITS. They care nothing about this country or the people. They need to get to work, pass the stimulus bill and promptly resign from office. The next group of politicians needs to take an oath promising to serve the people and not their special interests.

  14. These democrats will remember this in November they will be voted out of office once an for all the NEW YORK TIMES are COWARDS they shouldn’t be able to report the NEWS.

    • These democrats will remember this in November they will be voted out of office once an for all the NEW YORK TIMES are COWARDS they shouldn’t be able to report the NEWS.

  15. The democrats, the people they claimed to care, “the working blue collar middle class” are purposely holding up the rescue package for their own pet pee project, “green” deal. Dems, keep committing political suicide, your behinds will be sweep out the door soon enough. Trump 2020.

  16. I hope that every dam democrate gets voted out of office in Nov.2020 and then they’re to stand a tribunal trial and when found guilty they’re to be taken to the gibbet right away they don’t get any family vistations either.

  17. Remember this
    Come Nov 2020, the Democrats will be losing a lot more than the agenda they want to instill in this stimulus package with their Ideology
    A whole lot more…than they ever can dream of

  18. The Homocrats have been blocking progress since LBJ’s days of welfare for the bottom feeding progressive liberal trash.

    Maybe the NYT loves Trump …

  19. It’ll be spun so many MORE times that in the end they’ll (NY Times) blame President Trump for it not going through !! The FAKE NEWS NYT is repulsive and under Communist rule .


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