Not Climate Change: Oregon Woman Catches Arsonist On Her Property With Matches — Holds Him At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – An Oregon woman found an arsonist on her property over the weekend. The woman held him by gunpoint on the ground until police arrived.

She told the man if her husband would have caught him he’d be dead.

The mainstream media ignored this citizen’s arrest.

It goes against their global warming and anti-gun narrative.

Flashback: Oregon Fisherman Shares Video Of Suspected Arsonists In Black Hoodies, Black Pants And With Gas Cans (Video)

Oregon and Washington State police continue to arrest alleged arsonists as fires continue to burn on the West Coast.

At least two arsonists including a transient were arrested in Oregon late this week.

A woman in Oregon posted video a local man took of alleged arsonists wearing black clothing setting a fire near Elk Rock.

This is amazing video.

The video shows a man in a black hoodie, black pants and a gas can.

The woman later said local police released a couple suspected arsonists in the area.

We are working on the video now since Facebook will NOT allow the video to be shared.

Facebook is controlling the information you can see.


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  2. My kinda girl! Another of the lefts dirty secrets come out. These wildfires, should be called arson fires as most are intentionally set by leftist creeps. Anyone caught doing this should face murder charges. I find it amazing the dangerous things these idiots do to increase chaos. The left really does hate this country. Wish they’d leave since they hate it so much. Wonder if the suspected arsonist has a plane ticket in his pocket paid for by George Soros, another piece of crap.

  3. No coverage on social media or mainstream media channels – why you ask ? BECAUSE THOSE ARE ALL SOCIALIST/ COMMUNIST FAKE NEWS OUTLETS- they DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THE REAL TRUTH !!!!! NOTHING BUT LIARS AND COWARDS

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  5. Look at that WIMP….caught in the act and groveling on the ground like a little mary. Hey !! Is that commentator “Bob” ?? Or is it little b!cth boi lavoie ?? Could be either one of ’em, as they are both tough guys on the keyboard, but little momma-boy WIMPS in reality….

  6. Oh my God! The left lies!!! Why I never thought they would! They are so loving of America!!!! Now for reality. The left will do anything and everything to push their communist agenda. They have no morals, don’t care for anyone except their ideology, and have no regret killing conservatives, police, our soldiers, or anyone who differs in opinion. They are out to destroy America. If you don’t believe that then you are an idiot! All the evidence is in front of your face. LOOK! Nuff said!


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