Newsmax Reporter Grills Psaki Over Illegal Aliens Getting Hotel Rooms When National Guard Slept In Parking Garages, Made Sick From Meals

( Exclusive) – The fraudulent Biden administration is rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants who help move along their radical progressive agenda by checking off the “diversity” box.

Meanwhile, the administration has been treating the National Guard troops tasked with protecting the illegitimate regime like dogs.

As you recall, back in January, the day after Biden had been inaugurated, 5,000 National Guard soldiers were forced to rest and sleep in a cold parking garage in DC that was equipped with two bathroom stalls and one outlet.

Once Biden and the Democrats used the National Guard as props on Inauguration Day, they cast them out like garbage.

Then last month, National Guard troops began getting sick and even being hospitalized because of the disgusting and undercooked meals they were being served.

More than a dozen Michigan National Guard soldiers were sickened after being fed raw and undercooked meat as well as meals containing metal shavings. Other meals being fed to the troops were barely enough to sustain a child let alone grown men and women.

These were meals that weren’t even fit to be fed to a dog and yet they were being served to National Guard troops stationed in DC.

Now, after making National Guard troops sleep in a parking garage and feeding them dangerous raw food, the Biden administration is set to spend $86 million on a contract with a Texas non-profit to house up to 1,200 illegal migrant families at hotels across Texas and Arizona.

On Monday, Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson pressed White House mouthpiece Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the differences in treatment between the National Guard troops and the illegal aliens flooding our border.

Naturally, “Circle Back” Psaki did her best to spin the narrative and explained that Biden responded immediately to the claims of troops sleeping in a parking garage. He offered his help and that’s about all Psaki had to say about it:

Sure must be nice to be an illegal alien in the US. After coming here illegally not only are they apparently exempt from COVID rules and measures but they’re being fast-tracked for vaccines that Americans want and now they’re being put up in hotels that will ultimately cost the American taxpayers $86 million.

These illegal aliens haven’t done a thing for America and will only leech off of our welfare system yet they’re being treated with exalted status. A stark difference from the way the current administration treats our armed forces who have vowed to serve and protect America.

The Biden administration doesn’t even bother trying to hide their progressive agenda. The only thing that matters is diversity and breaking down America. As long as America remains strong, the globalist agenda cannot move forward.

Joe Biden is doing exactly what he was installed to do: Make America Weak Again, just like we were under the globalist Obama.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. If this doesn’t wake up Biden voters than nothing will.Biden doesn’t give a rat’s ass about military,America or its citizens,All he sees is voters for the Crime Syndicate in the future

  2. The purpose of neo-marxist human droppings, democrat excrement, so-called progressives, is to mix and even change the local population with foreign ones, incompatible with local values. What is called high treason and premeditated murder against the American people

  3. Psaki is set up for failure everyday she steps to the podium. She is either too stupid to see she is only making a fool of herself trying to defend the biden disaster or she is getting paid a hell of a lot of money and don’t care. I lean toward the latter. For the soldiers eating dog food I’m more concerned about the “leadership” who are responsible for the meals being fed. Sounds like someone is not doing their job. Releasing illegals into our communities without being COVID tested, WOW. I wander if this would change if they were housed in the DC area. Clearly Biden don’t give sh%t about the rest of us. Finally, over $70,000 per illegal for housing not knowing if they have a criminal background, gang member, COVID positive, or just another free-loading, non-tax paying, piece of sh%t. That could pay my mortgage for over 5 years. But wait, i’m going to get $1,400. But wait, so are these illegals. But wait, our American homeless are still homeless. 3 out of every 4.5 immigrant families are on some sort of welfare. This no border policy does not make are country better, unless the dumbsh%t reasoning is to create a new voting pool for the dems.

    • Unfortunately the goal is to and has been to flood our country with illegals invaders to “ Fundamentally Change America “ .

      Proud Americans like you and I…..well we don’t matter, now do we ?

  4. 13 year old with the peanut for a brain – you apparently don’t understand that the 1st amendment applys to all Americans. You can say all the stupid things you want. I would suggest you shut up for a while longer and learn more about the real history of this country.

    • Snot nosed whining child telling Americans to leave their country that they built for the snot nosed progressive liberal trash.

      Oh the irony…

  5. Not knowing for certain how many people are in a typical illegal immigrant family, but according to the article and just doing the math, $86 Million for 1,200 families equal to $71,667 per family.
    All most Americans got from biden was a stinkin’ $1400 per individual, or a maximum of $5600 for a family of four. How does an illegal immigrant family qualify for over $71,000 of housing aid?

    • The Democrats look at this as a way to use our tax dollars to do two things; one to clean up a mess that they created and two a way to buy votes. By the way illegal aliens are also going to get the $1400 on top of it all.

    • Housing/caring for illegals at the border costs $1000 per DAY. Even I can live for less than 1K perday. What are we importing- Kardashians?


  7. Fash we have an ‘Idiots’ epidemic.

    “W.H. COVID Adviser Slavitt: ‘I Have Larger Concerns’ about COVID Spread ‘Than What’s Happening at the Border’ Like Travel”

    They willfully and with for thought release people TRAVELING illegally across our border known to be covid positive and this court jester says WE have to be concerned about our travel?

    The requirement to be in Biden administration must be to have a demonstrable empty head and a corrupt character similar to Biden’s.

    • Agree that many of the dems are brain dead BUT most understand what is happening and welcome the chance to fundamentally change the US. First steps to gaining control of the population is to destroy society as you know it. Doesn’t take a war, just these type policies. They are first trying to destroy the nuclear family – see objectives of the highly supported and funded blm – then flood the country with people that you and I must support. Then give lots of free stuff to everyone. Once people get the free stuff, it can never be pulled back and the voters will vote free stuff for themselves over and over again.Then change the voting laws so you can STAY in power. Look to Cuba, Venezuela, etc for proof.

  8. Barack Obamavsays :” We Need Gun Control, Not Pandemics, to ‘Slow Mass Shootings in This Country”

    I vote for that we need idiot control, and Obama is the first idiot we need to put in controls.

    • As the one eyed senator Harry Reid once said , He doesn’t speak “Negro , but he can when needed “ .

      That’s today’s progressive liberal trash’s hero .

  9. Now this is interesting!
    As reported,”Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said Tuesday on CNN’s “OutFront” that Republican lawmakers were “complicit” in all the mass shootings that take place in the United States, given their opposition to gun legislation.”

    The Bill of Rights is in opposition to their gun rights legislation!

    Here is a facsimile of a human being who has debased himself by lying about his nonexistent military service to win a political position, who takes his pay check and is paid to represent both republicans and democrats, to ‘DEFEND AND SUPPORT ‘ our clearly written, in plain English, Constitutional rights, out of his mind attacking law abiding citizens and congress people who DO stand by their oath of commitment to support and defend the Constitution, unlike Blumenthal and other activists working tirelessly to strip law abiding citizens of their rights of which the government has no authority to abuse. These parasites on our people and governmental system syphon off the countries strength to serve their own evil ambitions to subjegate the Constitution to their evil mind set, whose lack of legitimate character disgrace themselves in the eyes of the people. It is not only this empty corrupt suit who shames himself every time he speaks but also the other democrats who have NO regard for the rule of law and continually support the crime wave of their supported army of BLM and Antifa which has killed police and citizens , Burned and destroyed businesses and ravaged communities threatening innocent citizens, encouraged and invasion into our country without accountability, redistributing to the illegal invaders the People’s money that is suppose to be used to service the needs of citizens. This group of shameful people of the democratic leadership do not demonstrate ANY loyalty to this country or the American People but strive endlessly to dominate and subjugate Americans with a twisting and distorting if not total casting the law a side. THEIR SHAME IS SHARED BY THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THEM IN OFFICE GIVING THEM POWER.

    It is not the law abiding People who are to be held accountable but the people who abuse the laws and the rights given us under the Constitution WHICH CLEARLY INCLUDES SUCH AS THIS MORALLY BANKRUPT BLUMENTHAL.

    He along with so many other democratic leaders disgrace this country and the people who put them in power.

    • Senator Kennedy is correct.
      “Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) questioned the wisdom of a push by congressional Democrats to enact legislation in the immediate aftermath of a tragic shooting in Boulder, CO earlier this week. ‘We Do Not Need More Gun Control — We Need More Idiot Control’

      And we can start with the IDIOTS in congress who think that to punish and hold law abiding citizens responsible or accountable for the crimes of those that violate the right to life of their fellow citizens thus choosing to deny the law abiding citizens of their guaranteed rights put these gun grabbing congress people in the same category as those that deny their fellow citizens of their right to life. As far as this IDIOT group in congress, that shame their constituents, and plunge ahead, outside their constitutional authority, to deny us of our clearly defined constitutional rights They are without redemptive value for consistently functioning outside the commitment of their oath of office and the authority of the Constitution.

      But they will never concede the point because they are morally and intellectually dishonest, unbalanced, unable to understand, nor willing to understand.

  10. The contempt for the marxist garbage that stole the elections of the american people is obvious !

    Biden and the bandits hiding behind him are nothing more than a conspiratorial and treacherous, so-called progressive rally, to which the communist coup against the American people succeeded.

    I have no doubt that the day of revenge will come ..

  11. It is interesting how the dems are advocating for social justice when’ Thou shalt not bear false witness: or lie is by passed by their so called justice.

  12. If you don’t like the way this country is headed, leave. I’m serious, none of us want to hear your whining.

    • You’re the whiner fake catholic, how was homeroom this morning ?

      Did you kiss the teacher’s ass a usual ,or was something special your priest and Low iq taught you ?


    • Roman, you are the odd person to leave America. We the People are quite content and have been for over 200 years with the Constitution and do not want your insolent socialism. Socialism has been a disaster every time and every where it was forced on society leaving death and waste in their path. You must have failed history, real history.

    • If you think it’s a socialist state now, why don’t you leave? We the People don’t want to hear your bullsh*t.

      To Lins Roberts, I have every right to run my mouth. There’s this thing called the first amendment, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, Roberts.

    • Hey you, Roman Catholic Who Happens to Be Liberal (Age 13), why don’t you, the marxist garbage of mankind, leave the american scene?

      And kiss Hitler and Stalin in the ass, your ideological models, the scoundrels?

    • Don’t t you mean we the liberal filth and stupid kids have rights to run our mouths incessantly with adults fake catholic?

    • By the time you grow up and educate your tiny brain to understand what people like you are doing to this country it may be too late. You had better hope that real patriots save your dumb ass.

    • Grow up, although… rather difficult to fathom that from a foul mouthed 13 year old Roman Catholic. Try reading a book on the past history of this country before you tell someone to “leave.” Ever heard of the Bill or Rights or the Constitution? What is your thought on abortion?

    • “We the people”??? Who would that be, child?
      (Age 13) Liberal … If you are not lying about your age, then you are a mere child lacking critical thinking, and life experience. Including words of vulgarity in your rants displays your naivete, lack of understanding and education. Furthermore, trying to defend an ideology you do not fully comprehend by parroting propaganda derived from left wing sources is blatant. If you were born in the USA then you have NO understanding of life under socialism/communism/Marxism for which you cheer lead through support of the liberal democrat dogma. Therefore, you do not know what you are talking about.

      When you analyze the real history of socialism, it is important to understand the many systems that are swathed in blood. People, especially the young idealists like you, must recognize that “social democracy,” “progressivism,” or “social Christianism” often ends in the destruction of life and liberty for untold numbers of people. To open one’s political and economic system to such a threat is like opening one’s house to a serial killer. Don’t be stupid all your life … time to wise up.

    • At 13 years old you are still wet behind your ears you little piss ant. This country was built on massive sweat and patriots going off to war and coming home in body bags. You have no clue as to what sacrifices were made. Shut your trap or someone will shut it for you.

    • Liberal Roman Catholic….once you start earning a paycheck and paying taxes you too will get tired of paying for freeloaders while you get up everyday to go to go be a working slave. Worst part of these freeloaders is they do not belong here. There is a legal way to become a citizen of the US and claiming asylum due to hardship is a crock. First off it is child endangerment sending your kids off with a human smuggler not to mention if they can afford $20,000 to pay the smuggler to get you here they can afford to pay to become a citizen legally. I have grandkids that are 13 and they are not this dumb.

  13. What did you expect from these socialist? They don’t care about American citizens who pay their salaries. Let us begin a campaign to stop paying these traitors,they are lower than dog poop.

    • Why would they care Jack ? They’re protected by the National Guard, Capital police and the DC police …..and of course the liberal filth in the media.


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