New Universal Movie Portrays 6th Graders Playing With Sex Toys

Hollywood sewer pipe strikes again.

(Infowars) – A new Universal movie called Good Boys which is aimed at a teenage audience shows sixth graders playing with sex toys.

In the film’s trailer, actor Seth Rogan jokes that the main child actors can’t even watch the trailer for their own movie because it is “too messed up for kids your age.”

The first scene in the trailer from the actual movie portrays the pre-teen boys playing with a gimp mask, dildos and anal beads, which one of the child actors complains, “smell like shit.”

While swearing profusely throughout, the trailer also portrays the boys bringing ecstasy to a playground.

“Universal is putting out a film called “Good Boys” featuring 6th graders playing with sex toys, drugs, porn & worse. The poster brags it’s rated R because it features “crude sexual content, drugs & alcohol ALL involving TWEENS” Who’s the audience for this?” asked Robby Starbuck.

“The audience for this movie just killed himself a couple days ago,” joked another Twitter user, referring to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“I think this was supposed to be the in flight movie on Epstein’s plane,” joked another.

Flashback: APA Pushes ‘Polyamory’ And Other Sexual Deviance On School Children As Part Of ‘Health Education’

The LGBT ideology is perverting every institution it comes in contact with. The American Psychological Association (APA) has been overrun with sexual deviants and now they are promoting “polyamory” and other immoral sexual practices as healthy and ethical. Along with “polyamory,” which is engaging in a relationship with more than one partner, the APA is promoting “swinging,” which involves swapping sexual partners with other couples, and “relationship anarchy,” where there are no rules at all for relationships.

What kind of a society does the APA expect to evolve if everybody adopts these kinds of sick, twisted sexual practices? These are the people in charge of mental health research in America. We are in serious trouble.

According to their website, “Our mission is to promote the advancement, communication, and application of psychological science and knowledge to benefit society and improve lives.” How does encouraging people to live sexually lascivious lifestyles improve their lives or benefit society? What is the benefit of broken homes and people being reduced to sexual objects?

The most disturbing part is that the APA thinks this “science” should be taught in schools to children as young as 12-years-old.

According to the APA, their goal is “to promote education and training on sexual orientation and gender diversity across contexts and audiences.” In other words, they want to teach this junk pseudo-science in schools across the country and conduct “training” of the like. We need to stop this insanity before our children are exposed to “sexual education training,” a most disturbing prospect. (Activist Mommy)

It won’t be any shock that the state of California has already began integrating this sick ideology into their education system under the guise of “health” lessons.

Cathy Ruse of The Stream reports:

It was a California teacher who discovered the “LGBT Consensual Non-Monogamy Task Force.” She was reviewing the state department of education’s “health” lesson mandates for the fall and stumbled across a term she didn’t know. She went to look it up, and was led to the APA.

California instructs teachers to talk to youngsters about sex “partners.” They are to avoid terms like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” because “some students may be non-monogamous.” This is in the lesson plan for 12-year olds.

California has truly gone off the deep end. If you can stomach it, check out the state’s 2019 Revision of the Health Education Framework in which they lay out all the ways educators can best sexualize and corrupt young children. It’s sick and disturbing, to say the least. Teachers are being instructed to “educate” their students on sexual matters, use examples of same-sex couples in the classroom, and even bring in “sexperts” as often as possible such as drag queens and Planned Parenthood representatives. Our children are being thrown to the wolves.

This should all be considered child abuse but not only is it acceptable, it’s happening right in our public schools, where children SHOULD be safe. If you value your children’s innocence, now would be a good time to consider alternative education options.


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