New Theory Posits New Zealand Attack Was Designed To Usher In Sharia Law In America By Criminalizing Resistance To Radical Islam

( – Any time there is a mass shooting or some sort of terrorist attack, you can count on a million different conspiracy theories popping up as folks do their best to make sense of the madness flooding what we thought was the civilized world.

Remember back to the New Zealand shooting by a white supremacist? Well, there’s a number of new theories coming out as to why he might have taken this sickening course of action, one of which seems rather extreme, but that hasn’t kept folks from discussing it.

The theory posits that the New Zealand attack was designed to usher in Sharia law by making all resistance to radical Islam a crime in the United States.

Yes, this theory is way, way out there, but just hear these folks out.

Here’s more from Fascism News:

But there are some indications that the Left is working to subjugate white culture throughout the West by aiding in supplanting it with Islamic culture and ways.

Case in point: Christina Laila, a reporter for The Gateway Pundit, notes that the Leftist social media platforms which began banning conservatives last year ahead of the 2018 midterms are now punishing anyone who is critical of Islam and of Muslims:

Coming soon: Americans will be charged and prosecuted for “cyber terrorism crimes” for online posts that are critical to Islam. Social media companies are already bowing to Sharia law and banning/shadowbanning users who dare speak the truth about Islamic terrorism and the various forms of jihad.

She writes that she was recently warned by Twitter speech Nazis that one of her tweets calling for burqas to be banned throughout the United States was a violation of blasphemy laws…in Pakistan.

If you dare not to have a bleeding heart toward Islamists for enduring terror attacks, the left becomes instantly hostile toward you, considering you some sort of enemy. Apparently, these individuals have forgotten all of the bloodshed this horrific religion has caused the masses living in America and other countries around the world, throughout the centuries.

Anyone who sympathizes with Jews or the nation of Israel against liberal detractors, they can count on receiving mountains of hate mail, because the left today has no qualms about being anti-Semitic.

Just take a look at the rhetoric of Rep. Ilhan Omar, who makes it clear she’s not fan of the Jews. Some of her colleagues have condemned her speech, but yet done nothing to actually back their statements with real world consequences.

Strangely, the same passion from the left seems to be missing when it comes to the victims of radical Islamic terrorist attacks. Funny how that standard doesn’t apply equally across the board.