New Media Star Mike Cernovich CURSED AND ASSAULTED by Anti-Trump Protesters in Austin, Texas (VIDEO)

April 15, 2017 10:56 pm  

(Gateway Pundit) – Independent journalists Mike Cernovich was assaulted by a lefty idiot while attending an anti-Trump demonstration in Austin, Texas.

“Yes, so, I was assaulted,” Cernovich begins on his Periscope livestream, “Somebody attacked me – I had to hit them back. Somebody attacked me and I exercised reasonable self-defense.”

At this point in the video, he is being accompanied by two police officers who are in no way in opposition to Cernovich, they mention early in the video that they just “want to make sure everybody is safe”.


Cernovich goes on to describe the situation:

“The police officers did witness that, that I was assaulted and I defended myself, I broke no laws . . .”

He then turns to a number of witnesses who corroborate his claims.

Once again, tolerant liberal thugs demonstrate their intolerance and illiberalism.


Via Rambo Biggs—–

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