Developing: New Hampshire Department of Justice Refuses to Investigate the Largest Voting Machine Counting Error in State History

( Exclusive) – The good folks over at Gateway Pundit recently reported on a hand count that was done in the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race in the city of Windham, New Hampshire, which uncovered that Dominion-owned voting machines shorted every single Republican candidate by roughly 300 votes.

It hardly seems like an accident that every single GOP candidate was shorted by that many votes, right? Surely with such a major issue popping up like this, the New Hampshire Department of Justice would want to launch some kind of investigation to check into whether or not some kind of wrongdoing might have been done to help rig the election against Republican candidates?

Well, that does not seem to be the case at all. In fact, it appears that, despite this being the biggest election counting error caused by a machine in the state’s history, the Department of Justice wants nothing to do with the whole mess. Gee, it almost seems like these folks are trying to hide something, doesn’t it?

New Hampshire State Sen. Bob Giuda penned a letter that was sent to the Granite Grok website last week. In this letter, Giuda accuses the state’s DOJ of refusing to look into this matter.

“During the most recent conference call on February 5th, associate AG Ann Edwards and Election Law chief Nicholas Chong Yen reiterated the department’s refusal to test the voting machines or count the ballots. They also refused to consider obtaining a court order to alleviate their concerns about statutory authority under RSA 7:6(c),” Giuda writes.

“This isn’t a partisan issue; it’s a matter of election integrity. The town, the Secretary of State, the Democrat candidate, the Ballot Law Commission, a concerned citizen, and a Republican State Senator asked the NH Department of Justice to investigate the largest machine count error in NH history. The department refused,” he continues.

“This refusal by those charged with ensuring the integrity of our elections is inexcusable. Absent legal action – which would probably wind up in a Supreme Court led by Chief Justice MacDonald – we will never know what happened in Windham, or if any machine count errors occurred in the nearly 200 other towns that use those machines today,” the letter goes on to say.

“In choosing not to investigate the Windham incident, the Department of Justice failed our state and her citizens, both of whom had every right to expect a prompt, thorough investigation into the still-unexplained largest recount error in state history,” Giuda says.

This is the same kind of opposition that many other accusations of voter fraud have encountered. How many times have we heard about courts refusing to hear cases and look at the evidence being presented in lawsuits in key battleground states? It’s quite clear that these individuals are under the influence of the Democratic Party.

At the end of the day, it seems the New Hampshire Department of Justice is corrupt, completely sacrificing the integrity of our election system for the sake of the Democratic Party.

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  1. How about Georgia Judge— sister of Stacey Adams ruling that votes of over 4,000 people who moved from Georgia prior to the Senate run-off, MUST be allowed to vote— because they were officially enrolled Georgia voters “at one time”! Just because they moved is no reason to deny voting privileges where they used to live.
    How about Michigan—- where test batches of ballots in court ordered audit revealed Trump got 87 of every 100 votes cast for him—- while Biden received 113 votes………… but Democratic officials blocked judge from releasing data— because it would show problems with Dominion machines all over the state. They claimed Judge had no jurisdiction— it was up to them to audit the election………. which they will not do— claiming it is moot. The election results have already been certified.

    • Evidence is only for the responsible Americans , today’s progressive liberal trash will always refuse to see it ,or way to ignorant to comprehend it .

      Btw . Awesome handle !

  2. NH’s new motto: “In Fraud We Trust” (or, how about, “Live Fraud or Die”?)

    Remember when Orly Taitz went to NH election folks to keep Soetoro-Obama II off the ballot?

    Like Obama Election Fraud 2008 and 2012, Election Fraud 2020 will remain unresolved if America’s entire judicial network is allowed to behave as an unaccounted nationally-syndicated cartel of outlawyers.

  3. Citizens of New Hampshire deserve better than this. Political parties are not more important than citizen voters. Crooked politicians deserve to be punished no matter what party they belong to. The Department of Justice needs new leadership (recall or impeach or vote out) as soon as possible as this smells like a coverup by those who are supposed to be protecting the citizens.

  4. “Biden’s order, issued by DHS on January 20, instructs ICE agents to only arrest and deport illegal aliens who are known or suspected terrorists, recent border crossers, or those who have been convicted of an aggravated felony — not including those convicted of drunk driving, simple assault, and various drug crimes.”

    Apparently folks, Biden and his corrupt administration members intend to create a entire population of criminals, a criminal army.

  5. The Russians did not commit these voting crimes folks , our very own democrats did and we’re told to get over it .

    Biden and the Ho are illegitimate .

  6. So …. looks like the DS has pedophile blackmail evidence against the depraved characters in DOJ there. It is obvious that fraud occurred, and the DOJ clowns refuse to investigate!!?? No doubt the U.S. congressional, and senate reps are democrat … which means they have no integrity, no honor, no concern for the American way, are complicit, endorse cheating and fraud, and the content of their character is that of complete pieces os S … worthy of nothing but being tarred and feathered. Sickening, repugnant, disgusting people.

    • Acting in the manner of a communistic, progressive, Marxist state by suppressing the truth, disrespecting justice and basically giving ‘the finger’ to the citizen. Criminals.

  7. Most children with immature consciouses when caught doing what they are not suppose to do spend time denying even when their hand is still in the cookie jar. The foolish parent allows this behavior and teaches the child that to deny will work. To not clearly correct the child or does not nip this behavior in the bud is the behavior they will continue to use to avoid accountability.
    This seems to be the way the democrats were raised. Their parents did not nip it in the bud and they will continue to deny their wrong doing incessantly.

    The facts are coming our every where. Biden did not win the election and voter fraud will be denied and they will continue to cheat and continue to deny. Remember they were caught on film cheating but still try to convince the rest of us. The only think the convince us of is that they are lawless and untrustworthy. Now about the lawlessness of attacking of President Trump. . . .

  8. I must give the democrats credit for their solidarity and the massive voter fraud they committed to prop up their puppet Joe Biden .

    Law abiding ,responsible, self respecting Americans with real values cannot stoop this low ..yet .

    • That’s like crediting Satan for his successes. It’s not their “genius” that works for them, it’s our ignorance and failure to stop it.


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