New Bill In Maryland Seeks To Change Name Of ‘Indian Head Highway’ To ‘President Barack Obama Highway’

( Exclusive) – Imagine, if you will, taking a highway that was named after Native Americans and naming it after a white man. Can you picture the kind of backlash that would ensue over such a measure? The radical left in this country would be foaming at the mouth and convulsing, sputtering out phrases like “racist,” “Nazi,” “bigot,” “whitewashing,” and on the list goes.

However, if you’re a Democrat and you want to do something like this, like maybe naming the highway after a black man, like the first black president, well that’s progressive. You’re fighting against a negative racial stereotype. Kind of like those folks who threw a fit over the Washington Redskins football team until they got the name yanked.

According to Gateway Pundit, Maryland state senators have just introduced a new bill that will change the name of “Indian Head Highway” to “President Barack Obama Highway.” The legislation was introduced by two Democratic State Senators, Arthur Ellis and Obie Patterson.

The highway itself is actually named after a town that it runs along. And if you thought that Ellis and his buddies were only wanting to see the name of the highway change, you better think again. Yes, that’s right, he’s also pushing for the town to change their name.

Ellis is claiming that the name “may be deemed offensive to indigenous persons” and has encouraged the town to be renamed to “better reflect the State of Maryland’s respect of indigenous history, culture, and persons.” The effort is up for consideration later in the month.

This particular highway, also known as Maryland Rt. 210, goes through different parts of the state and also goes through Washington, D.C. The new design and construction, plus the installation of new signs would cost taxpayers $12,500.

If the bill manages to pass, the name change takes effect in October.

You know, it certainly seems like Democrats are picking up the work started by their forefather, the late Andrew Jackson in attempting to wipe out Native Americans and their culture from any facet of our society, doesn’t it? They don’t mind slighting one group in order to lift up another. That’s part of their modus operandi. This is what happens when you start having protected classes of individuals. Nothing will ever truly be fair again.

Someone will always end up being marginalized.

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  1. How respectful are the Chinese of America? They give us a mentally declining president via their internet connected Dominion voting machines. The kicker is that the democrats help the Chinese, and we know and have proof as to the votes that were changed and what was done via their internet electronic foot print the Chinese hacking activity left, but democrats ignore the evidence and silence the Americans forcing us to keep this “gift” from the Chinese and the traitors in congress and state governors and
    George Soros. What a joke we are to the Chinese.

    • There’s plenty of school names changed to Hussein Obama since the brown clown left . Have the performances risen with the name changes

      Of course NOT and never will .

  2. I have never been a person to condone throwing trash along the state roads, but this is different. This road named after the most corrupt president who refused to ever validated his citizenship needs to be trashed. That will reflect his character.

    • How about “Jug Ears “toll road where whites pay and negroes get it for free ?
      It’s equitable for all .lol

  3. Only naïve fools would change the original Native American Indian name for a black, phony, fraud, lying, Muslim, traitor, Kenyan communist who trashes America and her history and beds down with a tranny named Mike. Morons appear to be in control of Mary Land.

  4. Oh yes what a splendid idea (NOT)- name it after the worst president in the history of the USA. Of course he may be passed by by his protege (Joe Biden).


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