Never Forget: Democrats Turned House Intel Committee Into Impeachment Headquarters As Lawmakers Were Warned About The Coronavirus

(Gateway Pundit) – According to a new report, US Intel agencies were warned about a likely Coronavirus pandemic in January and February.

The classified intel warnings were disseminated to the House Intel Committee and other lawmakers but Chairman Schiff was too busy with his sham impeachment to care.

Intelligence agencies “have been warning on this since January,” said a U.S. official who had access to intelligence reporting that was disseminated to members of Congress and their staffs as well as to officials in the Trump administration, and who, along with others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive information. – WaPo reported.

What were our lawmakers doing at this time?

Taking up every minute of their day trying to remove President Trump from office with their impeachment sham.

The House Intel Committee chaired by Adam Schiff turned into impeachment headquarters for several months.

Schiff then held all lawmakers in the Senate hostage in January and early February with the Senate impeachment trial.

Senators were forced to sit in the gallery and listen to Adam Schiff smear and lie about President Trump for hours and hours day in and day out.

In early February after the first Coronavirus case was already confirmed in the US, Schiff was on the Senate floor arguing that if Trump was not removed from office he may offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for help in the next election.


Meanwhile a dangerous pandemic was making its way across the world from China.

Never forget, while a deadly pandemic was traveling across the world, our lawmakers were too busy trying to unseat President Trump to focus on the real dangers in the world.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is second in the line of succession to be President of the United States, was giggling and posing for photos while she used gold pens to sign the articles of impeachment — as the Coronavirus began spreading across the world.


  1. If no one has picked up on it yet, the Democrats have an extremely f*cked up sense of priorities! I have never before had the supreme displeasure of witnessing such childish temper tantrums from so-called adults simply because their preferred candidate LOST the last election! If their candidate had not lived such a criminal or otherwise controversial political life, the outcome might have been considerably different! That, and the Deep State would still be an unknown quantity affecting the lives of the American people! The Left needs to GTFOI and the Right needs to understand and acknowledge that we can NEVER AGAIN be lulled into apathetic lethargy by the siren songs of Marxist oligarchy! The fate of the country and the free world depends on it!

  2. Both parties were warned back in early December about this Virus some serious thought and serious questions should have been asked at that time The Democrats only concern was Impeachment and the Republicans were trying to defend
    the President and their eye was taken off the ball Our hope now is that a medication or vaccine will come quickly to combat this Virus, There is no way of knowing if they had paid attention that the outcome would have been any different maybe we would have been better prepared.
    Its time now for Washington to put the partisan politics aside and start doing the job they were elected to do.
    Pelosi and her crew came back from RECESS yesterday and blew apart the Senate negotiations on a relief package
    now it has to start all over again, THE QUESTION I have for PELOSI is WHY WERE YOU ON RECESS AT A TIME OF CRISIS IN OUR COUNTRY????

    • The ‘Republicans’ wouldn’t have had to focus on defending him had the democrats stopped their witch-hunt against him! Can you even FATHOM having ANYONE else in the White House when the CHINESE FLU hit our shores? We’d all be dead and they would still think about feathering their own nests! I place this sh*t storm SQUARELY on the shoulders of Nancy Pelosi, Adam SH*T, Nadler and Chucky Schumer. These individuals are going to bring down our country for their own gain and all we can do is sit back and take it. They should be sent down to GITMO and face the military tribunals and pay for their crimes against humanity.

  3. All the representatives should have to return their pay they received for the two to three years they wasted their time and our money doing nothing more than trying to impeach! Maybe they can concentrate on the work they were elected to do instead (Then can get paid )!

    • Actually they did a lot during those years, especially in appointments to the Federal courts and HUGE tax cuts the Federal Government can’t afford; and now trying to give away a phenomenal amount of money the government doesn’t have. One of the things that the President said in the 2016 campaign was that it would not be a bad thing for the Federal government to declare bankruptcy; it always worked well for him. That was something I didn’t agree with at the time; but it looks like we are about to find out if he was right. I hope he was!

  4. Trump needs to send in the marines and haul their leftist asses to jail for treason then have them executed on television!!

    • Joe. You yearn for a country that has never existed on this continent. That is not returning to American values; it is returning to the values of Stalin’s Soviet Union. Didn’t Krushchev drive a stake through your heart?

    • If the VP steps in as president he nominates a new VP who cuts in line ahead of Pelosi. She does not get the job.

  5. The Democrat Party long ago traded caring for people to using them. They’ve upped that immoral theme with hate for country…..I think the last decent fiber of the party left with ; ““Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” …

  6. 500,000 died during swime flu and the left did not shut down America its just a plan to take down the Constitution and our freedoms by the left

    • America was shut down then BY the swine flu, with the tremendous loss of life you state. US population was about 100,000,000 then, 330,000,000 now. So an equivalent loss would be over 1,500,000 Americans. This time the President is trying to avoid the large death toll by shutting down BEFORE the pandemic can kill so many of us. Worth trying.

  7. They’re progressive liberal trash folks , they don’t contribute to society , they waste and take from society.

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