Nevada Election Official Says Signature Verification Is Safe — But Look What This Journalist Found Out

( Exclusive) – Democrats have been insisting that the 2020 election has been totally legitimate and that no fraud could have possibly taken place. There have even been claims that it has been the “most secure” election in history.

They don’t even try to hide their efforts to steal it. They make such wild claims and think Americans are just going to believe them. While many sadly do, there are many, many more who are done trusting the left and their media lapdogs.

Perhaps if Democrats behaved reasonably and like they didn’t have something to hide they might still have credibility left but their vehement insistence that there was no fraud coupled with fantastical claims about election security raise major red flags.

There has been a great deal of fraud and corruption involved in Biden’s “win” and it’s been coming to light rather quickly.

In Nevada, one journalist with integrity decided to do an investigation into the signature verification process in his state and what he found out was that the state was wide open for fraud.

Victor Joecks, columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, proved that there was very little security during this election cycle and noted that this issue runs much deeper than any one single contest.

Joecks pointed out that even small amounts of fraud can have a major impact noting a local election where a state senator won by just 24 votes.

In the article he wrote describing his findings, he said that he proved voters in the state could vote many times.

“Clark County election officials accepted my signature on eight ballot return envelopes during the general election. It’s more evidence that signature verification is a flawed security measure,” he wrote.

So much for all the assurances from Democrats that there couldn’t possibly have been any fraud.

Joecks pointed to this “fact” on the state’s website that says “All mail ballots must be signed on the ballot return envelope. This signature is used to authenticate the voter and confirm that it was actually the voter and not another person who returned the mail ballot.”

This little tidbit coupled with troubling images of massive ballot dumps from the state and around the US is what inspired Joecks to conduct his experiment.

He said he wanted to test the state’s claim that signatures would be used to validate ballots by seeing what would happen if someone did, in fact, return someone else’s ballots.

Joecks worked with nine co-conspirators. He wrote their names for them which they then had to copy, trying to imitate his handwriting. The co-conspirators had to sign the ballots to ensure there was no fraud perpetrated during the test but their signatures matched Joecks handwriting and not their own.

Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria told Joecks that if ballots came through that were signed by someone else they would still have the “signature match” to rely on for identity.

Gloria even said that he was “confident” that the process had been working. Turns out that Gloria was very wrong.

“Eight of the nine ballots went through.” The “process” had an 89% failure rate in catching mismatched signatures.

Not only does Joeck’s experiment prove that there was very little security in the Nevada election, one whistleblower has come forward stating that he was ordered by election’s officials to allow ballots to be processed without even checking the signatures.

Joecks then pointed out the real problem is that no one is really making a legitimate effort to find fraud.

“County officials aren’t working proactively to determine whether unscrupulous actors abused this vulnerability in a widespread fashion,” he said.

Gloria revealed that his office finds out about fraud when they’re told about it. They’re not actually considered with finding it or ensuring that the election is secure. Joecks stated that “willful ignorance isn’t an election security strategy.”

The issue really isn’t about who ultimately wins the 2020 election but rather the security and integrity of our elections.

In-person voting is the only solution.

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  1. PLEASE do NOT forget that on October 28th, a full week before the election, (6 days if you want to be technical), Adam Laxalt was on Tucker Carlson talking about how the rules and restrictions that originally were created and agreed upon, were changed multiple times to the Democrats favor, where ANY discrepancy with signatures were forgotten and literally ALL mail-in ballots were processed. Adam said based on their original rules, more than 80% would have been discarded, but with the new rules, less than 1% of over 200,000 processed as of October 28th were allowed. He also said originally, ballot and envelope MUST stay together for audit purposes. He said that the workers were advised to separate PERMANENTLY thus negating ANY chance of a paper trail. That is a difference of WELL OVER 158,000 ballots “Slipping through the cracks”.

    • Cheaters / democrats/ progressives / liberals / trash / filth .. all the same . Can’t trust not one .. ever !

    • No official in charge of any state, county or city voting, whether Republican or Democrat, has said that any fraud occurred this year. Even in those areas that were surprises (whether for Trump or for Biden) has any official of either party who was personally responsible for managing the voting and its integrity claimed the other side even tried to tamper with the vote.

  2. I agree we need to revoke every broadcasting license for the Networks and arrest the owners of all of them! (what like 7 people tops?)

  3. Another reason for President Trump to keep fighting (although at times I wonder how he can). If we don’t get this organized crime straightened out now, we never will. It is terrible that the Democrat Party keeps pushing this nothing to see here nonsense, but what’s worse is that the media has lost all its integrity and just goes along with it. That wasn’t what our founders envisioned.

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