Nancy Pelosi Signals She’ll Ease Up On Packing Next Relief Bill With Progressive Agenda

(Breitbart) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) signaled that she is easing up on what appeared to be her original intention of packing the next phase of economic relief with a host of progressive agenda items, telling reporters on Friday that the next emergency measure should follow the same model as the last.

Democrats, under the leadership of Pelosi, came under fire last week after delaying the Phase 3 emergency relief measure to pursue their own version, which the speaker packed with what critics referred to as “liberal wish list items.” Those included Green New Deal initiatives, ballot harvesting, requirements for racial diversity data, and a bailout for the post office.

While she ultimately did not get any of those agenda items in the latest relief package, she spent the following days signaling her Party’s intention of packing the next relief bill with similar agenda items. However, she struck a different tone on Friday, telling reporters in the Capitol, “Let’s do the same bill we just did, make some changes to make it current.”

She expressed the same sentiment during an appearance on CNBC.

“We’ve had three bills that have been bipartisan. I think right now we need a fourth bipartisan bill. And I think the bill could be very much like the bill we just passed,” she told the network.

“I’m very much in favor of doing some of the things that we need to do to meet the needs of clean water, more broadband, and the rest of that. That may have to be for a bill beyond this,” she admitted.

“Right now, I think that we have a good model. It was bipartisan, it was signed by the President, but it’s not enough,” she added.

Her remarks represent a drastic shift from her previous position. On Thursday, for example, Pelosi peddled the Democrats’ desire to address voting methods in the next relief bill — something she packed into her own 1,400-page relief measure, which failed to catch steam.

She said during Thursday’s broadcast of CBS’s Late Show:

We had $400 million to promote voting by mail, direct, all of that. However, it was not nearly enough. We need at least five times that much in order to really meet the needs, to protect the integrity of our election-critical infrastructure as well as to promote voting by mail.

“It is absolutely essential at this time. … So, in this next bill, we hope to get more resources to vote by mail,” she added. “And if you’re doing that, you have to have funds for the Postal Service as well, which he has objected to.”

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has sharply addressed Pelosi’s political posturing, instructing her to “stand down on the notion that we’re going to go along with taking advantage of the crisis to do things that are unrelated to the crisis.”

While the speaker’s remarks on Friday represent a demonstrative shift in tone, a source close to Pelosi told Politico that “nothing is set in stone as Democrats have yet to even draft a bill.”


  1. Pelosi needs to pack her bags and move her Communist AZZ to North Korea where she would feel right at home with the government there!!!

  2. When your not in the White House or in the Public Eye do you take the Time to help others & use YOUR MONEY to help others? I know the answer to that. SHAME ON YOU!
    STOP wasting AMERICANS HARD earned money!!!
    Your GREED you can’t take it with you when you die! This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans.
    You are one sick evil wacko!
    I DON’T LIKE YOU and your other scumbags!!!!!
    VOTE BY MAIL—Are you kidding me. You are a disgraceful old BIT**. YUCK!!!!

  3. There are several conservative groups that will be requesting President Trump veto any legislation coming to his desk that is filled with pet projects that has nothing to do with the current crisis Its time for this nonsense to stop on both sides of the political aisle. Has anyone noticed that our National Debt has not been even discussed in months.We cant spend our way out of debt, When the hole gets deep enough its time to stop digging.

  4. Oh, I’m sure Pelosi has a bill drafted already. They probably keep several ready just in case they need more money for trivial projects they can’t other wise get through congress. I can’t wait for November so we can defeat these tyrants.

  5. “. . . telling reporters on Friday that the next emergency measure should follow the same model as the last.”

    IN OTHER WORDS MILLIONS WILL BE WASTED BY THE DEMOCRATS. I’m still waiting for planned parenthood and the Lincoln center to give back the money that was slid into their pockets by the democrats. History has been clear. Nothing good has come from the mind or hands of the democrats.


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