Muslim Refugee Beat Western Wife With Hammers Upon Seeing What She ‘Forgot’

May 6, 2017 8:51 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – We have all heard, without a doubt, that the Muslims coming to Western countries are “peaceful.” We all KNOW this is a leftist lie.

A refugee went to the UK seeking a visa and a wealth of government benefits, but he needed to get married first. He ended up taking a western wife. Soon after marrying her, he beat her with hammers because she didn’t have his dinner ready. Seriously? (via Daily Mail)

It all started when Mohsin Akram, 21, came to the U.K. from Pakistan as a refugee. He got married to Mariam Hussain, so that he could get everything he needs to start his life without really doing any work himself. You would think the least he could do was show her some appreciation for getting out of the train wreck that his religion helped cause.

Instead, he stayed out partying until 1 o’clock at night. He came home and discovered that his wife did not make him dinner. In traditional Muslim fashion, he grabbed two hammers and proceeded to beat his wife for an HOUR straight.

We cannot even begin to explain how disgusting this story is, but it got worse when it made it to the courtroom.

Akram WAS found guilty, but he was only sentenced to 15 months after pleading guilty to “assault occasioning actual bodily harm.” It is unbelievable that he would get such a light sentence for such a depraved crime.

Furthermore, the judge is not going to deport him for this crime. Mrs. Hussain spoke at how angry she is that the judge is refusing to do anything about this. WE CANNOT BLAME HER!

She was quoted as saying, “The judge could have said he to be deported by didn’t. There are so many reasons why he should be deported.” We have to wonder whether the Judge in the UK was drinking a tall cup of the Leftist Kool-aid that seems to be going around.

It seems irrational that someone comes into your country as a “refugee,” harms a natural born citizens, and then gets off easy. We CANNOT have this kind of toxicity spreading. We have heard enough horror stories in the U.K., and have seen enough here with our own eyes. This HAS to stop now.

If it doesn’t stop, we are going to face a terrible problem. Luckily, we have President Trump here to help keep a little balance. The Dems have been trying to fight it every step of the way, but a majority of the country knows that we need to monitor who comes into our country.

We are deeply sorry for what Mrs. Hussain has gone through and hope the judges eventually deport this savage. We need to make America safe again.

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