Mueller’s Star Witness George Nader Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison On Child Sex Crime Charges

(Gateway Pundit) – We reported previously that George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman and one of Mueller’s ‘star witnesses’ was charged in a Virginia federal court in July 2019 with additional child sex crimes.

On Friday, a federal judge in Virginia sentenced Nader, 61, to 10 years in prison — the absolute minimum he could receive for his charges!

Recall, Nader was previously indicted on June 3rd 2019 on child pornography charges.

According to a 3-count indictment unsealed last year, Nader was charged last July for possessing child pornography and for traveling with a minor to engage in illegal sexual acts.

Nader was accused of transporting a 14-year-old European boy to the United States for sex in the year 2000.

Robert Mueller previously investigated whether George Nader, an advisor to the United Arab Emirates, was influencing U.S. policy, the New York Times reported in March of 2018 — Nader was reportedly interviewed by the Special Counsel’s team twice.

Mueller wanted to interview Nader after he supposedly helped arrange a January 2017 meeting in the Seychelles between Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a Russian official.

Nader fled the country last year and flew to the United Arab Emirates to go into hiding after his decades-old child molestation charges were revealed.

It was also reported that Nader was involved in illegal campaign contributions from foreign entities to the Hillary campaign in 2016 and is facing separate criminal charges related to this scheme.

Mueller used a pedophile as his star witness who was also funneling illegal foreign money to the Hillary campaign but Mueller never decided to investigate this.

Instead, creepy Mueller used a pedophile to implicate President Trump in ‘Russia collusion’ — Knowing that no crime related to collusion exists in US law.



  1. Not unexpected on Mueller’s part. He is totally unprincipled and a sorry P.O.S. of a human being! And Nader? As a pedophile, I am certain he will enjoy his prison time as somebody’s SISSY. We will see how he likes that!

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  4. when I read that I was thinking jerry nader,, it wasn’t to bad I’d like to see jerry nader investigated, I am sure he has lots of skeletons in his closet

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  6. The “alleged” lawyers that Mueller surrounded himself with could always find some criminal to blackmail for their own purposes. If they couldn’t, no problem, just frame an innocent person. Mueller should have been disbarred when he was a US ASS’T AG AS SHOULD BEEN HIS PRIMARY ASSISTANT WEISSMAN!!! All the cases they screwed up that were overturned by the Supreme Court shows the track record. Now it’s up to AG BARR to clean it up. FAST!!! Not one of their so called convictions was remotely related to what the Investigation was allegedly about…we all know it was simply to destroy Donald Trump!!! They failed so now the libraturds are turning to impeach the AG. NADLER incharge…good luck with that!!! I see more egg on their faces.

  7. CHOPPERPILOT, I hope you are correct,IM not sure that any of these people will ever face the justice they deserve, The troubling comment from AG BARR a few weeks ago was not very promising when he stated that OBAMA and BIDEN were NOT part of the investigation, I hope the DOJ will take the evidence they get from DURHAM and will prosecute all involved no matter what they were or used to be. the corruption as I see it leads directly to OBAMA and BIDEN

  8. Another of the Democrats/Left’s finest….I’ll be happier when they get deeper into the DOJ/FBI. And, hate mongers Pelosi, Schifff, Nadler, Waters, and the beat goes on…

    • John Durham is investigating this sordid mess Obama created . We’ll see some indictments for sure


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