Mueller Crook Andrew Weissman Was Behind Documents Illegally Released To The Press Before Roger Stone Was Even Indicted

(Gateway Pundit) – In February 2019 we obtained documents providing evidence that the Mueller Special Counsel leaked information to CNN ahead of the arrest of Roger Stone. Stone’s arrest was carried exclusively by CNN.

We now know that the Mueller gang’s top corrupt attorney and pitbull, Andrew Weissmann, was behind documents illegally released to the press before Stone was ever indicted.

Roger Stone was recently with Sean Hannity on his radio show where he stated the following:

It’s important for people to understand the reason we know that Andrew Weissman actually wrote my indictment. I was arrested at 6:00am. At 7:00am January 25th, the Special Counsel’s office blasted a copy of my indictment to the entire media world and posted it on their website. But they forgot to remove the meta-tag that bared the initials of Andrew Weissmann. There is the culprit.

Now interestingly, the judge had no interest in this because my indictment was not unsealed by a federal magistrate until 9:30am. So the dissemination of this at 7:00am was not legal.

In February 2019, the Gateway Pundit obtained documents exclusively that showed a copy of the draft indictment without the PACER filing number or official stamps of the court, with metadata on the document identified it was authored by “AAW”, who is suspected to be lead Special Counsel prosecutor Andrew Weissmann.

CNN’s camera crew allegedly arrived at Stone’s residence a whole hour before the raid and CNN’s Sara Murray provided Stone’s attorney with a draft copy of the indictment in an early morning communique to confirm the FBI raid and arrest.

CNN was the only camera crew on the scene of the FBI raid on Roger Stone’s home.

CNN claimed their presence at the FBI raid on Stone’s South Florida home was a combination of luck and hard work, but the documents proved otherwise. CNN’s “source” was indeed the Office of the Special Counsel, who colluded with the notoriously anti-Trump news network to produce a propaganda broadcast of the arrest that is reminiscent of the Nazi era tactics of the Gestapo and propaganda ministry led by Joseph Goebbels.

Stone’s attorneys asked both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to investigate these leaks and provide answers to the American people on how someone could have obtained sealed grand jury indictments.

Here is a copy of the letter by Grant J. Smith.

Here is a copy of the Metadata that shows the copy CNN obtained came from the FBI and not the courts.

Check out the second screen shot.

Metadata 2:

This data shows the author of the document is “AAW” or Andrew Weissmann.

Stone explained to Hannity that the Mueller gang had turned up nothing in their Russia collusion sham, so they went after Stone in hopes of getting him to lie about President Trump and make claims of the President doing something nefarious or illegal. Stone said he would never lie or make up some BS for the Mueller gang in an effort to have President Trump removed from office.

Stone was the last indictment by the Mueller gang and he was railroaded through corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s court for crimes that were immaterial and never should have been brought before the court.

Dirty Andrew Weissman knew this but he needed to get Trump on something so he went after Stone.

Stone is currently awaiting being sent to prison for some BS charges brought by corrupt attorneys in the Mueller gang, held in corrupt Judge Jackson’s court with a corrupt jury assessing guilt. Stone was totally railroaded and bankrupted.


  1. Weismann has a very long history of unethical behavior. Why dies this scoundrel still have a law license? And why hasn’t he been nailed to a plank for creating and promoting false charges, leaking confidential information, and failing to release exculpatory evidence when lawfully required to do so? Weismann should be behind bars.

  2. Weismann features prominently in the book about the Enron investigation. Even after a court had released one of the defendants from jail, Weismann hounded him unrelentlessly and tried to have him rearrested. When I saw that he was part of the Mueller team, I knew he would be up to no good.


  4. Weissman is the perfect human being to Democrats. Just as Heinrich Himmler looked for the perfect human. Democrats simply love his actions and intentions.

  5. Why is Weissman still walking around in the Free World? WHY IS THIS CRIMINAL SON-OF-A-B***H NOT LOCKED UP?!! WHERE IS JUSTICE???

  6. Sadly, ain’t nuthin gonna happen to Weissman or anyone else in the Obama Clinton as long as Bush Boy Barr is Attorney General.
    Bush Boy Barr and Wray ain’t done jack…

  7. Lock him up in FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON with the REST of the TRAITORS like OBAMA and his miserable ILKE. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. Andrew Weissmann and the rest of this band of attorneys along w Christopher Wray need to go to jail!!!!!
    Why the hell no one talking about Wray? He continues to defend the acts of the FBI. And worse …. do you not think he had to approve the FBI raid on Stone ???? What a scum bag !!!!! All you need to do is watch 30 FBI agents armed with machine guns and In full riot gear along w frogmen coming from the water behind the house!!!!! For what ????? Supposedly making a threat to a radio DJ …. who by the way has testified he did not feel threatened as both had jousted previously!!!!!!!
    Not as many people used to take down Bin Laden!!!! You can either surmise stone was more of a threat as a 78 year old w a deaf wife than Bin laden or the FBI is totally INEPT !!!!!!!

  9. How has this “lawyer” avoided disbarment after all the misconduct exhibited over the years well before this ludicrous Inquisition???? He is the most unethical, unscrupulous attorney I have ever heard of and I delt with this stuff for 20 years as a police officer in a large California city. Our County District Attornies were very straight up law abiding and did the best they could to “PROTECT AND DEFEND” the Constitution while at the same time protecting the rights of the accused. This man is the complete antithesis of that!!! He has made a career of violating accused persons Constitutional Rights, smearing their reputations and then to have the huge cases completely overturned by the Supreme Court and himself being “scolded” rather the the bar taking proper action and disbanding him!!! This is the kind of person that Robert Mueller chose for his team!!! OR were they hand picked by Rod Rosenstein with the help of the DNC???

    • He’s no different than the scum who prosecuted Micheal Flynn and the courts/judges are never outraged over this type of corrupt behavior .

      As John Durham said,” where’s the whistle blowers “, they must be as corrupt too .


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