MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Along With Other Democrats, Are Scared To Death Of The Election Audits Set To Reveal The Left’s Dirty Deeds Done In The Dark

( Exclusive) – MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has completely lost her mind as she watches the election audit in the state of Arizona continue to unfold and the very likely possibility of one going down in Fulton County, Georgia, knowing there’s not a single thing she can do to stop the inevitability of the truth coming to light.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, Democrats and many of their allies in the mainstream media are up in arms over the fact that every attempt they have made to end the audit in Arizona has failed. They have no clue, at this point, how to stop the truth contained in the results of these audits, from coming to light.

They are so desperate, in fact, they have started calling for the Justice Department to get involved and squash the audits in both states. However, that sort of thing is actually illegal. The federal government has zero authority when it comes to how states conduct elections.

Many folks on Twitter and other social media platforms have picked up on the panic oozing out of Maddow and others like her.

Another report from the Gateway Pundit discusses how important it is that we find some way to put a stop to President Joe Biden and his infrastructure plan. Apparently, a story published on Thursday by the NY Times reveals that the plan will cost $6 trillion, which puts the government spending for this year at $11 trillion and will bring the debt ratio to its highest since WWII.

This is why it’s critical to ensure that we complete these audits happening in Arizona and possibly in Fulton County, Georgia. If there’s a chance that we can prove Biden’s presidency is illegitimate, we might be able to bring his administration to an end and prevent massive spending like this.

“Steve Bannon on The War Room pointed out that the move would raise the national debt to 117 percent of the size of the US economy by 2031. This would be the highest debt ratio in US history topping that of World War II,” the GP report said.

“To save this republic we have to bleed him out now! If they pass this, even the concept of this is so radical, so radical, not just because of the spending. The spending in itself is on a scale that’s incomprehensible. However, that’s not the most radical part of it. The most radical part of it is how you’re going to finance it. There’s not enough taxes out there to pay for this. Right?” Bannon said.

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  1. Folks common sense has been completely lost in Washington, Its not all that difficult to figure out (unless you are a Democrat) that you CANT SPEND MORE THAN YOUR INCOME. There are not enough wealthy people or corporations in this country to pay the Bill that Biden and his loons are wanting to run up, The National Debt should be something that concerns every one but we as a nation have lost all conception and concern for the Bill we are piling up WE CAN NOT CONTINUE down this road, At some point we have to STOP the insanity, Raising taxes on the wealthy is a complete lie, Increase in taxes is PASSED DOWN TO EVERYONE, The middle class will be hurt as well thats the truth BIDEN and his loons dont want to talk about
    The solution is to get back to common sense submit a budget and stick to it. STOP THE NEEDLESS SPENDING AND STOP HANDING OUT FREE MONEY TO THEIR POLITICAL ALLIES. RECKLESS and CARELESS SPENDING IS OUT OF CONTROL, and very few in Washington is even concerned about it.Think about it if we ran our households or our businesses like Washington we would be bankrupt very soon and our country is headed in that direction very fast. Its time to wake up. We cant spend our way out of debt and we cant tax our way out of debt.
    As much as i supported and approved of most of President TRUMPS policies there was one area i disagreed with him on and that was our debt he showed very little concern about it.

  2. You moderators suck ass use to be a worth while place to get some newns but you folks have blowen it out your ass just as ignorant as face book and all the other media outlets fuck off am out of here actually ass hole i didnt already say thats

  3. You moderators suck ass use to be a worth while place to get some newns but you folks have blowen it out your ass just as ignorant as face book and all the other media outlets fuck off am out of here

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