MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Mutes Trump: POTUS ‘Genuine Threat To Public Health’

(Breitbart) – MSNBC host Chris Hayes refused to air sound of President Donald Trump’s interviews on Tuesday, saying that Trump is becoming a “genuine threat to public health” with his “lies.”

Hayes ripped Trump on his MSNBC show for lying to the public “in the midst of a global pandemic” and saying things that are “dangerous.”

“The president went out today and said things that are flat out wrong, that are lies, and that are dangerous,” Hayes told his viewers on Tuesday evening. “That’s why we did not play you any sound of what he said today. Because frankly, the president has become… a genuine threat to public health.”

Hayes aired clips of Trump speaking to reporters, without sound, and attempted to rebut Trump’s “preposterous” statements.

Last week, as Breitbart News noted, calls increased from Trump’s critics to cable networks to stop airing Trump’s pressers live. They claimed Trump was turning the events into “virtual campaign rallies” and using the media like he did during the 2016 election cycle.

The Atlantic’s James Fallows even suggested that Trump could get bored and not even bother to show up if cable networks did not air the briefings live.

“Also, as a practical matter, if the briefings were no longer covered live, Trump would lose interest in attending himself,” Fallows argued. “Then the scientists could come back on stage—and eventually they could be covered live again.”

More cable show hosts, citing public health concerns, could follow Hayes’ lead in the days ahead as pressure keeps ramping up for networks to stop airing Trump live.


  1. Hayes probably doesn’t want to let POTUS speak because he can’t twist, spin, logically refute, or get the people to unhear what POTUS actually said.

  2. Dominus, protect our President Trump, send our brothers the archangels: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael to protect him from all evil from his enemies and corrupt politicians who raise at him false innuendos, lies, wish him evil, curse him and his life, do not support him in his decisions, contradict him in everything he says, twist his words and hate him with passion. Dominus thwart the evil plans and projects of these corrupt politicians who hate him, as you did with your enemies in the Old Testament; Sin speaks to these corrupted politicians and enemies of Trump in the depths of their heart. In their mouth are mischief and deceit All wisdom is gone. They plot the defeat of goodness as they lie on their bed. They have set their foot on evil ways, they cling to what is evil. Dominus, do justice to our president Trump, defend his cause against his merciless enemies, defend him, his family and aides of these corrupt political men and evil doers. Dominus, unload on these corrupt politicians the ardour of your anger and the burning flames of your punishment!!! You are Trump’s God!!! Protect him!!!! Give him your light and your truth that they guide him, fill him with intelligence wisdom and understanding so he can successfully put an end to these corrupted politicians and together with You, God of the Hebrews our father Yahweh send these corrupt politicians and enemies possessed by satan to the place where they belong!!!
    Dominus, bring disgrace and shame on all who harm our president and his supporters. Take away their might and power and crush their strength.
    Dominus, our father; help our President Trump make good, just and necessary decisions that please you. Dominus, be next to our President Trump, allow him to win the next election in order for your people to have more years of justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit in the world, remember that he is anti-abortion and moved the American Ambassy to Jerusalem, your chosen country, that no other president of the United States had done out of fear of these corrupt politicians. Because of your love for our president Trump, destroy his enemies the socialist/communist Democratic Party and its supporters, scatter his enemies, all his oppressors who never tell the truth and lie even under oath. Shoot your arrows and send them running. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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  3. It would be greatly appreciated if this POS Hayes social distanced himself right off a cliff. And take the rest of the fake news with him!

  4. If what President Trump is telling lies, why hasn’t he disputed these lies on air? Its easy to claim that these are lies, now prove it!

  5. What a disrespectful ahole this Chris Hayes is, he is a typical democrat no matter what the president does or says, all they know how to do is find fault. Iam sick of aholes like this Hayes and Comcast for using air time to broadcast this shit…..

  6. Chris Hayes and the phony media that fabricate everything to try to be relevant are the real THREAT to America’s health and to everything American,,,,he needs to be silenced, along with the rest o& the phony media and the liberal left,,,,they showed their true colors when they withheld stimulus to people who really need it and instead relied to give themselves raises, tried to give abortion clinics millions to kill more babies,,,,etc, it is almost rope time,,,,


  7. What ever happened to real news people.Hayes is another scumbag liberal who should have his worthless butt kicked along with Maddow, Reid and the rest of the Trump hating MSDNC. CNN has so many idiots that say they are Journalists but are only pieces of crap. FOX has some real news people but also some scumbags as well. I remember real news people like Chet Huntley and Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, and others who reported the news not these jerks.

  8. Jesus could come down and speak for Trump and they would say he’s lying. In essence his whole team is lying. Because he tried to give the American people some hope and said he’s “hoping” we can go back on Easter they say he’s dangerous. We can’t keep the country completely shut down for a year. The democrats are hoping that because they want mail in votes to cheat. They’re want to put their illegals and dead people on the mailing list. Why are they pressing so hard? Election is 8 months away. They need about 2 to prepare if we need to. But it can be done by keeping social distancing like we have been. Give gloves out and have sanitizer. But no matter what he says he’s a danger. I guess if they say it enough they’ll think people will believe it. Some people are idiots which is there goal. Ask yourself one question how would it be if Biden was president? Point made!

  9. THESE ASSES BETTER GROW EYES IN THE BACK OF THEIR HEADS. Saying things that are flat out wrong, that are lies, and that are dangerous could also be bad for them.

  10. Chris Hayes you wonder why MSNBC and CNN are so low in ratings. You don’t give a damn about our country. Your only out there to take down the President !!! Why you don’t care about the people of America… you MSNBC and CNN are pieces of crap. This is the worst in my life time the media has acted towards a President. Your encouraging more people to vote for President Trump…. who loves this country. Democrats will destroy this country if they get into power ! Let me end this by just saying “YOU SUCK”.

  11. Leftist media and the deep state machine will stop at nothing to advance the”orange man bad” narrative. In the process, they continue to lay bare their hypocrisy and uselessness as a journalistic source. It continues to become more difficult to paint Donald Trump as an ineffective executive to all but the least curious among us. The opportunity we have in November to repudiate the hatred being spewed by the detractors could change the dynamic of the world.

  12. It is NOT for commentators to decide whether information being disbursed is factual or not. To call info from POTUS is lies is a personal opinion. To claim something is a lie has to be followed with the example…or a fact check. I daresay the networks would NEVER be so bold as to cut or mute the previous president.

  13. Bob, you’re an idiot. CNN has been caught several times bending and even destroying the truth altogether. What are you people afraid of? Aren’t you mature enough to withstand an opposing viewpoint? Are you completely incapable of using your brain to arrive at your own conclusion? Are you seriously going to let clowns like this practice fascist style censorship AND then believe them? The Nazis would have loved your kind of mindset. And oh, I’ve been a democrat for 40 years.

  14. President Trump has done eveything he can to help America survive and thrive after the coronavirus is done. He cares far more about we the people than all the dumocraps put together.

    The dumocraps are holding up the bill that would help Americans because they are only interested in helping themselves, their rich buddies and their families, and illegals. Bob – slither back under your rock. God bless President Trump, his team of professionals, and America. Oh yeah, Bob, since you hate Trump so much, feel free to move to some other country immediately.

  15. Msnbc brings on idiots. It’s the new comedy channel. JOe O Biden needs to host and it would actually have some ratings.

    • Now that is an ignorant statement. Thank God Trump is our president. No, better we do what Obama did. Wait six months like he did with H1N1. Oh, and when they made the announcement of a national emergency the exalted one was playing golf. Maybe we should do what Biden wanted. No ban on China! Now how many more lives would that have cost?
      This is real leadership take a good look and remember it, because you will never see it from a Democrat.

    • To TBaggery – You are obviously delusional, never watch Fox or OAN and never get the real news of what is happening.

      President Trump has done more to help we the people to understand what is happening and what is being done to help. Since you obviously don’t like what President Trump has been doing, or how he is handling the virus situation – feel free to move to another country immediately.

  16. Fox news is the only network that reports the news not what they wish the news was;;;;I don’t know anyone that watches MSNBC so who cares if he mutes anything;;;;

  17. The news reporters are supposed to report the news not there opinions
    They don’t have 100% of any factual information so they use their opinion based on partial facts and they just fill in the blanks.
    That does not include the news media who just lies to complete there personal narrative or the reporters who have TDS

  18. Bob. You really need to get into rehab. You have an addiction to the Kool-aide , which, in your case , would take decades , for you to recover from. Is your mommas couch THAT comfortable? It is true MSNBC does not bring on liars, because they already have HIRED NOTHING BUT LIARS. Therefore , they can’t bring on liars.
    Your use of derogatory terms is indicative of a preteen attempt at being cute. You are neither cute , nor intelligent.

  19. chris hayes the paragon of the moral high ground is going to save us from President Trump.This little worm is a perfect example of why President Trump was elected in the first place. TRUMP2020!!

    • There appears to be a lot Vila Snakes in the Medial.Lots of medial people who want shine but they only bring out their dark side.

  20. I cannot believe the blatant disrespect for the president in this time of crisis! There were calls for more transparency—Trump responded by doing daily pressers; now he is criticized for that. I think if we are honest, we can see some changes in him—he is not taking all the credit for progress, he is sharing the spotlight with his team, he is more willing to take their advice even while trying to put a positive spin on things.

  21. SWITCH CHANNELS, watch FOX network and replace these self-serving morons.

    They’re so stupid and arrogant, they can’t believe people would change the channel and replace them. Fools!

    • Fox News is the king of what you preteen republicunt meme lords like to call “fake news”. MSNBC does not bring on liars.

    • Yep libs and Democrats have lost their minds nothing but deveil deciples uhate is their game and want babies killed and destroy our country at all cost .


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