This MSNBC Host Just Advocated For First, Second Amendments To Be Outlawed Entirely

November 9, 2018 9:41 am  

( – The left would like you to believe it’s hyperbolic to imply the left hates the Constitution.

It’s not.

They openly advocate not only for the Second Amendment to be repealed, but now, for “thoughts and prayers” to be banned as well.

All this in addition to making the argument that our rights are not given to us by God.

That, my friends, is a blatant denial of the Constitution and everything the Founding Fathers believed.

Tell me again how they’re not trying to destroy our country?

MSNBC host Chris Matthews led the charge against “thoughts and prayers” this week following the heinous mass murder that occurred in Thousand Oaks, California this week.

Like many on the left, Matthews took particular issue with the offered thoughts and prayers of decent people everywhere who understand the value of the lives lost.

The left complains about “thoughts and prayers” because they would, of course, prefer we all advocate for guns to be confiscated and banned instead.

Matthews reached a whole new level of fascist, however, advocating for “thoughts and prayers” “to be outlawed.”

He then went on to suggest that those who support the Second Amendment have a “neo-religious” reverence for their rights, which they mistakenly believe are “God-created.”

It’s kind of in the wording of the Constitution, Chris. You might want to read it some time.

He began by advocating for some of the most common firearms in the US to be banned, saying “The easiness with which we get a semiautomatic Glock, which goes beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. It doesn’t take any intelligence or skill or talent to use one of these guns to just kill people in their face, and they’re doing it now with some rapidity in this country.”

His guest, California Rep. Jackie Speier, replied “So, you’re right. The moments of silence are about all that Congress has the guts to do, and it’s not good enough.”

This was when he interjected “You mean, thoughts and prayers? I’m sorry, that should be outlawed. I know it’s well intended in some cases.”

Speier then indicated that she believed “thoughts and prayers” weren’t necessarily well-intended, to which Matthews replied “It’s a throwaway line by a staffer who knocks off some script, some product, some wordage for somebody political to make it sound like they give a damn.”

After a bit of predictable back-and-forth in which President Trump and the NRA were blamed for all the gun violence, ever, Matthews went off on another insane rant.

“For the President, it seems like just another cultural button to push. You know, like moving the embassy in the Middle East. One of these things like it’ll get him some votes in the evangelical community,” he rambled on.

“He says things like ‘protecting your Second Amendment rights.’ The culture war you’re up against is brutal,” he continued. “They just push these buttons and these people: ‘Oh, yeah, amen. Amen to that, Mr. President. You’re one of us. You’re one of us.’ It’s horrible. Not even about actual safety.”

“It’s not about people shooting each other, plugging 12 people in a bar. It’s about this almost neo-religious notion of the Second Amendment, as if it’s God-created,” he added, displaying his own profound ignorance on basic American Civics and the entire founding philosophy of our nation.

Matthews and his guest then tossed out a few common logical fallacies the gun control crowd uses to deflect from the fact that, as in the case of most mass shootings, there isn’t a law on the books that would have prevented the latest shooting.

Matthews seems to have very ignorantly betrayed the well-kept secret of the Amercian left without even knowing it: they do want to ban all guns, and they’d love to ban religion too.

Don’t ever let them tell you otherwise.

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