MSNBC Called Border Drug Smuggling A “Crisis” In 2017…But Mocks The Idea Now?

January 10, 2019 5:08 pm  

( – It has become undeniable that the media, whom we once trusted to hold politicians accountable and constantly seek the truth of any matter, has obviously turned into a politically-driven propaganda machine.

So much so, that it can be difficult to distinguish from what’s actual news and what is carefully crafted talking points from the Democratic party.

Here is a perfect example as to just how bad things are gotten:

In August of 2017, MSNBC ran an extensive report that clearly acknowledged that deadly drugs like fentanyl were flooding into our nation across the southern border, causing a crisis.

Referring to this wave of opioids a “national emergency,” MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff dug into the problem for close to 10 minutes.

“This draft report that you issued … recommends that Trump declare a national emergency,” Soboroff confirmed to former Democrat Rep. Patrick Kennedy, who agreed with him.

Just two short years ago, the left was completely fine with addressing the illicit drug trade across our southern border.

In the segment, Soboroff played a clip of an interview he had previously had with health officials in Ohio, who estimated that tens of thousands of American deaths came at the hands of fentanyl that entered our nation through Mexico.

“How is that not a mass-casualty event? That is multiples of 9/11,” Soboroff said somberly.

“What we thought we would do is really lead with a state of emergency declaration,” insisted Kennedy. “In order to frame people in this context … that this is a crisis. And then if this is a crisis, then Congress must appropriate the necessary resources in order to meet the crisis.”

Fast-forward to 2019 and the very same network, MSNBC, is behaving as though it is preposterous for Trump to call the border situation a “crisis” and considering declaring a national emergency.

“We’ve got to begin this morning with the administration calling the situation at the southern border ‘a crisis,’” scoffed Stephanie Ruhle. “Well that is debatable — at best.”

“But if the president uses his nationwide address … to define it as a ‘national emergency,” she continued, complete with sarcastic air quotes. “Well, I would call that a whole other level.”

Ruhle then went on to mock the Trump administration for the use of the word “crisis” on the border as well.


So just two years ago it was perfectly acceptable to refer to something that appears to be a clear-cut crisis, that has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, was a crisis.

Now, it’s laughable, all because it was Trump who suggested it in the midst of a fierce game of chicken with Congressional Democrats over wall funding.

Let that sink in.

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