More Insanity: Mayor Pete Buttigieg Nods In Agreement That Illegal Aliens From Mexico Are Reclaiming Stolen Land

(Breitbart) – Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Sunday listened and nodded without disputing a claim from Pastor William Barber that illegal immigrants from Mexico were merely reclaiming land from the United States.

“We call people illegal aliens … Why can’t we just own in America that some of the people that are trying to come from Mexico here are coming back to land we stole?” he asked. “And the reason we took the land is because people wanted to keep their slaves?”

Some in the congregation applauded.

Barber recounted that President Abraham Lincoln was against the Mexican American War that resulted in the United States ending up with more territory.

Barber urged Buttigieg, as a presidential candidate, to give more speeches about the “lies” of history that kept Americans divided.

Don Jr. weighed in.

Buttigieg attended the Sunday service and conversation in Goldsboro, North Carolina, which lasted two hours, as he continues to try to appeal to black voters. The mayor wore a suit jacket to the service and even brought his own Bible, a campaign staffer confirmed to the Associated Press. Barber is a partisan leftist who has repeatedly condemned President Donald Trump as racist.

“There is no question that the president of this country is racist,” Barber wrote in an article published last week at Medium.

During the conversation, Buttigieg argued that “systemic racism” and “racial voter suppression” were problematic to the concept of a united democracy in America.

“For my dime, I actually consider the electoral college itself to be an example of this problem because it affected anybody who had to live under a presidency that came about because the American people were overruled,” he added. “And we’re living under one right now, which means everybody is experiencing the consequences of that distortion in our democracy.”


  1. Stolen? Hmm, someone needs a history lesson, so, in a nutshell…”Most of the area had been the Mexican territory of Alta California, while a southeastern strip on the Rio Grande had been part of Santa Fe de Nuevo México, most of whose area and population were east of the Rio Grande on land that had been claimed by the Republic of Texas since 1835, but never controlled or even approached aside from the Texan Santa Fe Expedition. Mexico controlled the territory later known as the Mexican Cession, with considerable local autonomy punctuated by several revolts and few troops sent from central Mexico, in the period from 1821–22 after independence from Spain up through 1846 when U.S. military forces seized control of California and New Mexico on the outbreak of the Mexican–American War. The northern boundary of the 42nd parallel north was set by the Adams–Onís Treaty signed by the United States and Spain in 1821 and ratified by Mexico in 1831 in the Treaty of Limits (Mexico-United States). The eastern boundary of the Mexican Cession was the Texas claim at the Rio Grande and extending north from the headwaters of the Rio Grande, not corresponding to Mexican territorial boundaries. The southern boundary was set by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which followed the Mexican boundaries between Alta California (to the north) and Baja California and Sonora (to the south).” But here is the kicker…”The United States paid Mexico $15 million for the land which became known as the Mexican Cession.”

  2. AND WHERE DID MEXICANS COME FROM? This pastor is obviously ignorant of history and does not have a clue about the history of Mexico. These are Spaniards who took the land from many native Indian tribes. To this day they do not recognize these tribes as citizens and will not give them healthcare or any subsidy. They beg in the streets of Mexico and I know because I spent a lot of time there and saw it.

  3. Dani’s Davis. You are almost right, except the Louisiana Purchase was with France. There is some dispute wheather Texas was part of the purchase. Anyway we did not steal anything. Plus I do not understand how any illegal alien can take back land in North Carolina when none of that land was ever own by Mexico or Spain. We need to stop these people at the Border and the only way at this point is by the Wall.

  4. Excuse me, Pete. Don’t believe everything you hear from people with an ax to grind. You might want to brush up on a little Texas history as the good people on this blog have pointed out. You won’t win over many Texas voters with the idea that we poached the land we’re sitting on. When was the last time you were even in Texas? When you do visit, you’ll want to smooth over a lot of ruffled feathers regarding your exchange with the good pastor. Don’t be so quick to give away what you don’t own. I think your time is limited — you’ve made some pretty big mistakes and this is one of them. But, hey. You won’t listen to me. What do I know? People from up north have been discounting Texans for years at their own peril. Ask Santa Ana.

  5. This is insane! Who did the mexicans take their land from?? Mexicans are mostly just mixed breeds from the Spanish and their slaves! Since the beginning of humans they have taken, every one of them in one way or another. Mexico can not even keep its own people in their country and they lost their land here just like they took the land from the indians of mexico! Whats the difference? Non! This fat pasture needs to shut up and this nobody pres. candidate needs to go home!

    • Reference camel toes Harris and her failed campaign. Guess she had no married men to shtup to get her this position , for the one on her back her knees.

  6. STOLEN LAND??? I do believe we paid for this land from the United States Treasury.
    Gadsden Purchase was for New Mexico and Arizona then besides acquiring Oregon and Texas, Polk also bought California from Mexico. The desire of politicians to annex more states prompted escalations that lead to the Mexican-American War and subsequent further acquisition of additional states.
    Also remember Spain took over Mexico before the US and we bought the Louisiana Purchase from Spain if my thinking is right and then we fought and conquered the rest. We did not Steal ANY land from Spain or Mexico.
    If you look at history and wars most Conquerors took the land for themselves when their war was over. We the USA was attacked by Japan we could of taking all that country but we didn’t we rebuilt it for Japan and many other country’s who we fought against we never took anything but enough land to bury our dead. So these people who states we stole land are sick in their little pea picking so called brains.

  7. Rewriting historical facts to formulate lies is wrong. If “pastor” Barber is for relinquishing “stolen” territory to the illegal immigrants,then he shouldn’t mind giving up HIS HOME AND PROPERTY to them! Since he professes to be a “Christian”, he could lead by example and open HIS home to them. He is obviously a fake,as is the entire democratic field of so-called candidates. Oh, and I hope his(Barbers) feet don’t slip,a siesmic event could ensue. Pathetic.

  8. Are the Mexicans going to turn the land over to Spain, the country that had it before Mexico became independent of them? How far back do we go in history to determine the “rightful” owners of any piece of land?

  9. I guess more of Mayor Pete’s fathers Malta Marxism rubbed off on Pete than anyone guessed. I don’t know if there is much of a difference between Marxism, Socialism or even Communism, but hopefully the Democrats don’t push us into those quagmires.

    • No, the Democrats are doomed, not America.
      Just as Tojo learned, the sleeping giant is wakening- God Help those that awaken it in turmoil for that Giant wants to be prosperous and free and to sleep securely. And truly there is a gun behind every blade of grass just as the great Japanese Admiral envisioned.

    • LMAO, I was thinking the exact same thing! I was thinking about if his chair would have moved back with him leaning against it, his fat self would have went right down. Now that would have been a sight to see!

  10. I guess that these morons don’t understand that the Mexicans “stole” Mexico from native Americans long before we “stole” it from them.


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