Mitt Romney’s Secret Twitter Account Discovered – Named “Pierre Delecto” — Slammed Marco Rubio, Newt, Rudy Giuliani, And ‘Liked’ Bill Kristol Impeachment Quote!

(Gateway Pundit) – Earlier today leftist tool Mitt Romney was featured in a lengthy anti-Trump expose’ in The Atlantic.

During the interview Mitt admitted to having a second secret Twitter account following 668 people.

Via the Atlantic:

“That’s kind of what he does,” Romney said with a shrug, and then got up to retrieve an iPad from his desk. He explained that he uses a secret Twitter account—“What do they call me, a lurker?”—to keep tabs on the political conversation. “I won’t give you the name of it,” he said, but “I’m following 668 people.” Swiping at his tablet, he recited some of the accounts he follows, including journalists, late-night comedians (“What’s his name, the big redhead from Boston?”), and athletes. Trump was not among them. “He tweets so much,” Romney said, comparing the president to one of his nieces who overshares on Instagram. “I love her, but it’s like, Ah, it’s too much.”

It didn’t take Slate contributor Ashley Feinberg too long to find the secret account.

“Pierre Delecto”

According to Feinberg:

The Pierre Delecto account’s very first follow was eldest Romney scion Tagg, joined shortly thereafter by Glen Johnson, a current politics editor for who was firmly on the Romney beat around the time the account was originally created. Next was Mark DeMoss, who the Salt Lake Tribune described in 2012 as “an unpaid adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign for the past five years,” and Eric Fehrnstrom, who still has “Former @MittRomney adviser” in his Twitter bio.

The Pierre Delecto Twitter page was set to private.

And… Already we have this… Pierre liked this tweet on Little Marco.

Here’s another nasty tweet he liked on Newt Gingrich.

And Mitt retweeted a Bill Kristol tweet in SUPPORT OF IMPEACHMENT!

MITT IS DONE! — ‘Liked’ Tweets from Mitt Romney’s Secret “Pierre Delecto” Twitter Page Show Man Obsessed with Trump Hatred and Leading GOP Resistance

Mitt Romney’s ‘liked’ tweets show a man consumed with Trump hatred and leading the Republican Resistance against this President!

This guy is finished!


Jack Posobiec posted a thread of Mitt Romney’s tweets.

Here are a few……

Mitt echoes Evan McMullin –

George Conway –

Jonah Goldberg –

Here is the video of Mitt Romney’s secret liked tweets!

Via Jack Posobiec!

Mitt Romney is done.

There is no recovering from this shocking behavior.

Mitt is right up there with George Conway.

And he admitted to it on Sunday.


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