Mississippi Church Suing Over Coronavirus Restrictions Burned Down In Arson Attack, Authorities Say

(Gateway Pundit) – A Mississippi church that defied Coronavirus restrictions was targeted in an arson attack this week.

The First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs was suing government officials over the authoritarian lockdown after police ordered church members to disperse on Easter Sunday.

The church fought back after it received a citation for violating ‘social distancing’ orders for allowing up to 40 people to congregate for Bible study.

On Wednesday the church was destroyed in a fire.

Newsweek reported:

A church in Mississippi that burned down in what authorities say was an arson attack had previously defied the city’s stay-at-home order and was suing officials over lockdown measures.

The First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs on Highway 178 was destroyed in a fire in the early hours on Wednesday, WMC reported.

According to the station, investigators found evidence that the fire was intentionally set, including graffiti in the church parking lot that said “Bet you stay home now you hypokrits (sic).”

Jerry Waldrop, who has been the church’s pastor, told the WMC that the church has “no enemies that we know of.”

Waldrop said: “We don’t know anyone that we even think could be capable of doing something like this.”

To this day, not one Democrat tyrant can explain why people are allowed to walk into Walmart, but they are not allowed to walk into a church.

Video: Mississippi church suing on virus restrictions burns down



  1. Where’s your phony-baloney god now?? That’s what happens when you recklessly endanger the lives of an entire city, state, or even country by gathering large groups to spread the Coronavirus around. And notice how it’s only republicunts doing crap like this. You can’t enjoy “mUh FrEeDuMb!” if you’re DEAD, can you? STAY SAFE AND STAY HOME!!!!

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